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Approved Log Supertired health and recovery log - female



- scrambled eggs on toast and coffee
- chicken, egg and veg x2
- apples
- kombucha

- 5g creatine
- Ginger sea moss

Romanian deadlift: 1x6/50kg, 4x8/70kg
Standing abduction: 1x12/110kg, 3x8/120kg
Rear kick: 4x12/75kg
Standing leg curl: 3x12/15kg, 1x11/15kg
Sled calf raise: 4x10/120kg

- 1 hr 40 mins walking

Mental health and spiritual
- i slept last night!! Uninterrupted
- mentally doing ok today very cool

- skipped meds yesterday as I'm going to start taking them morning or midday (just post training) because nausea was ruining sleep when taking at night. Took them post training today around 11am

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Like the she hulk, looking great. Will be hulking up together 💪💪💪keep up the great effort proud of you


- Chicken, veg and rice x2
- Kangaroo, veg and rice
- Coffee (with milk) and apple
- Tea (with milk) and blueberry scone

- 5g creatine
- Ginger sea moss

- n/a

- 75 mins walking

Mental health and spiritual
- Only got a few hours sleep. Had a huge anxiety attack last night around 8:30pm when i was trying to go to sleep. Probably lasted 30 mins. Got to sleep around 10:30pm, woke up at 1am, stayed up for a bit. Tried to get back to sleep around 2:30am and just couldn't. 4:30am rolled around and figured I'd just start my day. Started freaking out again at like 5:00am again for no reason
- it took me about 2 hours to convince myself to leave the house today. Was going to go for a walk, then i was like "oh i forgot! I'm too fat to go outside and I'll offend members of the public with how FAT i am" so then i decided i couldn't leave the house. Then i just kind of stared at the ceiling for a while and decided i am allowed to go for a walk if i wear large clothing so i did and that was fine.

- As you can see anxiety was the theme of the day. Took my meds at night. Starting to think taking them at night is reducing their effect because i was fine when taking them mornings. Idk

To end on a happy note though, look how cute my dog is

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Dogs are the best, I’m quite literally dependant on mine
@gearhead can you look into this please just sent you a PM
We have a response from @Supertiredwantfood via our email system, the admins passed this down.

From @Supertiredwantfood on 05/12/23, email update:
Hi, I'm okay. I'm going through something at the moment and I think it's best I leave for a little while until I sort it out. It's just not the kind of thing I want you guys to be exposed to. I will be back on evo I promise, thanks for your concern
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