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Absolutely beautiful updates. Not just your pictures but also the scenery breathtaking.
sister don't worry i will protect you when you come
Once pot legal in Texas, going to sell half the ranch for millions to grow pot, and then We will be finally a big family, you me and my 14 children.

will buy you the biggest trailer in Texas and biggest pink truck. You'll love it.
Hey everyone sorry life's been a shitshow, training getting better after introducing carbs back in. Diet recently has been protein oats and a bit of fruit that's all I can manage for now lol. I'll upload a pump video from the other day and also glute/hammy growth from a few months ago to now. Also I apologise for the format being fkd I'm uploading from my phone

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lookin tight girl
99% of women out there would kill for your body. Trust me. You look fantastic. Keep up the good work.
Thanks! it's hard explaining to some women that i am not "lucky" and have spent countless hours building this body lol. They all want to know how i got it and when i don't mention a magic pill then you seem 'em lose interest very quick. oh well
Be careful with that jellyfish. You don't want to end up getting your hand in trouble.
sister heard in australia you got some Very dangerous jellyfish. Be careful Swimming out there.
haha no worries those jellys are harmless! i used to play with them as a kid too. rule of thumb is if something is a combination of black and red- stay away. dingos too... and emus... kangaroos can box also... goannas can be scary too but it's pretty safe!
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