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Approved Log Supertiredwantfood high protein log - female


DIET: 2244kcal/188P/214C/65F
- kangaroo and rice meal #1 and #3
- chicken, rice and egg meals #2 and #4
- cheese sandwich and protein drink
- Coffee

- 5g creatine
- sugar free v pre workout

- 1.5 hrs walking

Romanian deadlift:
- 1 set of 6, 50kg
- 4 sets of 10, 70kg

Standing abduction:
- 2 sets of 12, 90kg
- 1 set of 12, 100kg
- 1 set of 12, 120kg

Rear kick:
- 4 sets of 12, 75kg

Standing leg curl:
- 3 sets of 12, 15kg
- (dropset) 12 reps 15kg, 6 reps 10kg, 12 reps 5kg (this hurt SO GOOD)

Sled 45° calf raise:
- 1 set of 12, 100kg
- 2 sets of 12, 120kg
- 1 set of 10, 120kg
- 1 set of 8, 120kg


Going to swap hip thrust with standing abduction to strengthen abductors as ive noticed they're quite weak

Low key lean bulking atm but I'm seeing massive improvements so I'm going to roll with it. Also from the past 6 months I've gone from size x small in bottoms, medium tops to now medium bottoms and small tops. Which i am very happy with as my legs were so underdeveloped but i worked hard as fuck for this. Reason tops went down despite gaining a bit of size in upper body is because i went down almost 2 bra sizes which im also very happy about - always had a larger chest and was a big insecurity for me.

First day back on meds. I think i might need to start attending multiple services at church on sundays, make sure i keep up with my connect group etc the routine throughout the week really helps. So does reading bible very start and very end of the day. Will start meditating. I know yoga is nice but i won't do it in case anyone was gonna suggest that lol

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you are killing it
that is great. sounds like you are maturing right in front of our eyes
sister pre marital sex good. when i make love to lot lizards i always pray after to god for forgive me
hadn't heard that term before, had to google it. i don't think having sex with hookers is ok
you should come to portugese church with me. i went there to beg forgiveness for striking my gf
is portugal more catholic or christian? good idea asking for forgiveness, just don't do it again. bible says you should love your wives as yourself
you are smart to give up on premarital sex. make the men earn it
not really about making them earn it i am just making that sacrifice for god because it's pretty clearly something he didn't intend for us to engage in
i love your philosophy on life, how did you manage to give up on sex though? that would be hard for me to do.
trust me it's very very hard for me. from 16-19 i had huge issues with it, slept around it was a big part of my life and at the time i saw nothing wrong with it. i would just pass it off as me being a "sexual person", in reality i was just sad and lonely and desperate for validation. it's been i think over 4 months now (longest i have ever not had sex) and it can be difficult to manage at times, but holy spirit convicts me even just having a lustful thought, there's no way i could do it. i just see it as disrespecting god now
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