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TB 500 VS DECA for joint healing

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Which one of this two compounds would you go for to promote healing, enhance motion in cases of injury , and reduce pain, I had an accident and my tendons and ligaments on my knee are not making any progress with therapy and I need something strong to help recover faster and reduce pain, thank you for your advice on this.
Deca and NPP cause your body to retain water which will help cushion your joints and make them feel slightly better, but they won't do anything for actually healing or remedying the problem. It would be the equivalent of taking an advil for muscle pain. It's not helping the issue, just reducing the pain.

I had some clients use TB500 with great success in the past but that was years ago. The problem you are going to run into now is trying to find a legitimate source of TB500 now a days. The peptide market is full of fakes. I wish I had a peptide source to recommend but I don't.

I would use ostarine and a good joint supplement like N2joint rx from instead. Even if you could find a legitimate TB500 source, I would still argue that ostarine and a good joint supplement would be even more effective. Ostarine is fantastic for healing injuries and promoting recovery, where as a good joint supplement gives your body all the building blocks it needs to actually build and repair cartilage and ligaments. It's also way cheaper then TB500.

Ostarine ->
N2joint Rx ->
if you can find real TB500 it really works.. but good luck with that.. all the good peptide companies have been driven out by the companies selling fake stuff for a fraction of the price.

if you had bad joints you need to back off going heavy, get some n2jointrx, and ostarine. also see a good physical therapist who can teach you how to strengthen around the joint and avoid causing problems .. your joints will improve.
I have used TB-500 before getting my Hips Replaced.
And the Pain Relief was great.

But this was a few years ago, and the Manufacturer's that I used have closed.
Mostly cause of the Feds threatening to Arrest them.
As it's a Grey Area under the law, designated for Research, not for Human Consumption................................ JP
If healing your joints and bones is all you want to achieve, deca is definitely not the best choice. There is no doubt that it will reduce the inflammation and decrease pain. However, it will not actually heal the joints. As a result, you can get the injury even worse, since you would be stressing the joints further on because there will be no indicators that something is going wrong. Besides, it is not worth going through all of the side effects and suppression seen with deca just for the inflammation reduction.

Instead, it is best to use something that was purposefully created for joint/bone healing, such as Ostarine MK-2866. It has been scientifically proven that it can drastically improve the healing process of joint/bone related injuries and accelerate recovery after surgeries. Another good thing about Ostarine is that it causes no side effects, and the suppression from its use is absolutely minimal. Therefore, no ancillaries are needed, and a very mild PCT will do the job. Also, you can stack in some N2JOint RX - it has a ton of ingredients aimed at reinforcing your joints, and improving joint health.

Personally, I have used this stack when I had very serious elbow problems, and nothing else would help me one bit. However, this stack has helped me big time, and really soon my elbows felt like new. Also, you can stack in some Nutrobal MK-677 - it will stimulate GH production, which will greatly contribute to your joint recovery. It does not have side effects either, and unlike HGH it is very easy to find the real thing.
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