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Tbol or Winstrol

winstrol is great going into a show
I'm looking to try an oral cycle for the first time, I'm 37 & an Olympic weightlifter so don't want anything that's going to cause water retention like dbol.
My first thought was Anavar but it seems really expensive & out of stock in the UK with Para Pharma so I'm going to order tbol & winstrol from them.
Can anyone advise which would be better for weightlifting please? From listening to the pods & other research it seems winstrol is stronger but also hard on the joints which could be an issue?
Also could they be stacked together or is it better to just try tbol first & see how it goes?
Any advice would be appreciated, also not ready to pin yet as I know people will say run test with it
I would just hit the tbol
Definitely tbol man. It is dry and you won't have to deal with the joint issues that winny would cause. Especially with olympic style lifting.
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