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I’ve used TR and they are an official source for Para Pharma who SteveSmi just praised on a recent podcast. So I’m confused as to the apprehension surrounding the use of TR as a source.

On top of it all, I’ve actually tested their Para gear that I bought last November (I have access to GCMS machines) . It came out as legitimate testosterone enanthate, dosed within what would be considered acceptable for what it was labeled as (Testo e 400). So far, I’ve found that they have had better deals (international at least) than Naps or DS on the brands I prefer using. Although, in the event that I see one of the approved sources on this forum having a sale that could rival or beat, I’d be willing to give them a try. But alas, few and far between for really great deals on good brands here on this forum, when other reputable retailers have great deals constantly. And YES!!!! Their gear is real. I’ve tested em too!!!!!

I see UG Freak is now an approved source here now, yet previous posts would lead people to believe they were a scam. I see a lot of jaw-jackin from uneducated fucktards on all the different forums. Most dudes don’t know their ass from their elbow, but I’m supposed to trust their word as gospel. Look, I’m just a meathead that also happens to be a genius, member of MENSA, and a former UG “pharmaceutical engineer” of sorts, and I’ve been able to disprove so much horse shit I hear from gear heads talking shit about sources that they know fuck all about, and if I was running my mouth about shit for which I know NADA, I’d be fucking embarrassed of myself. Bodybuilders esp should just go back to supporting the companies they like, and stop salting the other companies without proof of negligence or wrongdoing. It’s the same nonsensical behavior that spreads bro-science and just plain falsehoods.

I’ve considered hacking accounts/ devices of the loud mouths and seeing exactly how many “shills” there really are on all the forums, because it’s pretty damn obvious that dudes are getting kickbacks for their blind loyalty and bullshit knocks. But I’ve gotta tail still and I must pretend to be an upstanding citizen until I’m off paper.

Apologies for the rant. I’m just so sick of the negativity in our community, from dudes that really have no clue what they’re talking about. I’m no bodybuilder. I’m just the smartest guy in the room, that also loves taking gear, cranking weights, and getting shredded.

*mic drop!!!
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