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PuritySourceLabs Temporary product discontinuation (Bad HPLC test results on stenbolone)


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Dear valued customers and friends alike,

We regret to inform you that we've recently sent in some samples of Stenbolone Ace to be tested pertaining to a specific batch EP-2631F2; EXP:11/2024.
The team was informed about a client that had questions and concerns with his product that he had received in his order. This customer mentioned (subject-A) sent in a blind sample many weeks prior to the holidays, in which tested positive for the presence of Msten (Methylstenbolone) as the active hormone sitting at 72.58mg. In lieu of what was labeled on the compound and as advertised on the online ordering site at PSL being "Stenbolone Ace 100mg", this was the product that he was expecting to receive.

During this time frame we were also informed that a current 2nd customer (subject-B) stenbolone user who had pulled blood work prior while using the compound religiously and devotedly, hailing it to be remarkable. With little to no health risks as it appeared from what he has mentioned or blood markers being out of range, which would most likely be manifested when using Msten - this wouldn't be an unusual or out of the ordinary trait displayed by Msten, with having considerable undesired changes in lab work, most of all experiencing unwanted harsh physical side-effects that are very recognizable (none where present or mentioned with his observation and experience).

All lab work from the 2nd customer (subject-B) was remarkable and satisfactory considering the dosages used and the cycle duration along with his feedback. Reflecting back with the possibly and potentially of it being Msten all along. This is yet to be determined.

From there the team and myself spring into action launching a full scale investigation, with the intent to be fully "transparent" and 100% fair and objective. As we had questions ourselves.
The team sent in 2 samples; the first sample was denied due to crashing caused by extreme weather conditions during transit. A second sample was immediately dispatched upon being notified.
We followed all guidelines that may have been expected of us, in the main time we collected as much information on the these instances as reasonable.
With the assistances of all parties involved and the full transparency and cooperation, with no parties jumping to conclusions, making premature assumptions or anyone making speculations by way of attempting to deem something tampered or someone/parties suspect by default. We couldn't have asked for smoother communication by all parties.

We assured the customer (subject-A) that we take all matters such as this extremely serious. Not only did we promise him our full and unwavering dedication and commitment to finding a resolve - I personally notify him literally right away as promised upon receiving the test results posted below. We would also like to thank him for his patience and understanding during this entire process.
We couldn't ask for a more standup individual such as he. A prime example on how to go about with blind testing along with customer to business communication.

EP is also in the process of notifying all and any verified distributors that the product will be "discontinued" at the moment, as they are still actively following through with their further pending investigation pertaining to the outsource where the raws were procured. All distributors are expected to edit store product details in the hours/days ahead where the item were listed for sale/availably - These will be updated with the proper and current up to date details regarding active sitting hormone with the batch EP-2631F2; EXP:11/2024

All customers who have received this batch, please open a ticket or contact your next available sales team representative for a refunds or store credit.
More updates and notifications are to be expected via online sales site and customer news letters.

We express our most sincere and deepest apologies for all and any inconveniences that this may have created for anyone and failing to meet all expectations.
We are very disappoint as we hold ourselves to a higher standard, most of all we now hold ourselves 100% accountable. For that we are deeply sorry!

This type of thing is very rare, yet it is very real and it happens. With that being said - we hope to continually move forward with each and every-single loyal and potential customer, at the same time being blessed with your forgiveness and understanding. Again, we apologize.

We stand by our very notions with promising full transparency - pressing forward we will be implementing very thorough and strict (rigorous) testing with raw materials and finished products..
The prior and current testing simply isn't enough, we see and recognize this, changes will be made.

The test results from customer (subject-A) compared to EP's may vary due to the fact of the allowance and standard error in both directions and variances in samples and different testing facilities.
Slight alterations/repositioning to the test header on top & bottom footer has been made in order to have a greater display with details and authenticity of the 3rd party testing facility results
and information for better viewing/visibility without effecting the pages context.

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