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By viewing this forum or posting in this forum, you agree to the following rules:
  • Absolutely no unauthorized posting of identifying information about any member e.g. no phone numbers, no names, no addresses, etc.
  • The possession and/or distribution of anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) is illegal in the United States without a valid medical prescription. It is illegal in many other countries as well. Do not buy and/or sell anabolic steroids if it is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • The legality of using such drugs varies from country to country. The use and/or importation of such drugs into your country or locality may or may not be disallowed or illegal. We recommend that you contact your local FDA and/or customs office regarding the regulations and restrictions of your country.
  • assumes no responsibility or liability for violation (or consequences thereof) of the respective rules and regulations in your particular jurisdiction. Any attempt to circumvent your country's importation laws is strongly discouraged. Any attempt to do so is done at your sole risk and as such under no circumstances is liable for any damages, financial, legal or otherwise that result from such actions.
  • is not affiliated, associated, or in any way officially connected with, nor authorizes or endorses any Source which sells or distributes Anabolic Steroids or Laboratory which produces Anabolic Steroids.
  • assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever on the behalf of any members or guests of the forum who become ill or suffer monetary, physical or any other type of loss through associations with, through or by other members or guests of or the members' or guests' associates.
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