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test tren mast cycle

log update
breakfast: 30g corn flakes, 30g whey, 200g greek yogurt, 20g peanut butter
lunch: 80g rice/pasta/rice cake, 150/200g fish/lean meat, 15g oil + vegetables
snack: 150g Greek yogurt, 30g cereal, 20g peanut butter
dinner: 50g rice/pasta/rice cake , 150/200g fish/lean meat, 15g oil + vegetables
snack: 30g whey or protein bar
supplementation: 2g omega 3, vitamin d3/k2, multivitamin
i did a cycle 2 years ago, 300 test 300 npp 300 mast, then last year 250 test 300 tren. then for a year and a half only trt. 3 months ago i added 40mg masteron. i stopped tren after 20 days because i had killed my e2s with arimidex and had too much lethargy so i went back to trt, promising myself not to use peds anymore. in fact i try not to use arimidex anymore because it kills my mood, for e2s i use primobolan/masteron.
i have been training for 3 years and a half.
last week i changed my workout, my friend/coach helped me with the workout routine.
2 sets per exercise, rep range 8-12/12-15 on some exercises

back and triceps:
deadlift top set back off 4-6/8-10
1 arm pulley
trazy bar pulldown
db rows
1 arm db extension
1 arm pushdown

chest bi
bench press top set back off 4-6/8-10
chest press
cable fly
db raises
hammer curl
single cable curl

squat top set back off 4-6/8-10
leg curl
leg ext

db bench top set back off 6-8/8-10
smith shoulder press
close grip bench
cable raises
rear delt peck deck
cable pushdown

i have some dropset on some exercises
deadlift: 450lbx1
squat: 375lbx1
bench: 245 lbx1 weak af so i train 2 times with close grip

I have been training squat/bench/deadlift for 6 months
these loads were obtained at 2600kcal in trt, maintenance calories
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