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Testing for apparent hair loss potentially?


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Recently read an article about these tests and couldn't help myself as I'm always wondering...... will I lose my hair?!?! Not sure why I worry as nobody in my rather large family anywhere has lost their hair but like most men it bugged me. Decided on 23andme and coughed up the 200$. It was well worth it for all the other interesting things I learned and it revealed...... supposedly pretty accurate but it got the dimples cleft chin (although it's very very slight) and earlobes wrong..... most everything else was on the money. So being that I'm not pre-disposed to any hair loss..... pin away worry free? For some reason I still worry pinning or not lol. Anyone else try these tests? What are your thoughts on them?
No intentions to try those tests, but I've also been bald for more than two decades and don't worry about that effect of AAS
if you are not prone to mpb, then its not likely you will have any issues with hair loss when using steroids... thats NOT a guarantee by any means but its far less likely ...
You can tell by your own family to a pretty certain degree whether you are genetically prone or not
I hear its from your mom's side of the family, which for me is bald, but my hair seems to resemble the dad's side by my age, which has I don't know. I think mine may have thinned a little, possibly from using winstrol. I stay away from dht compounds at the moment. They have hair transplant now on point I think..
If you are not genetic proned and you haven't lost hair into your 20's and early 30's, it's HIGHLY unlikely that you start loosing significant hair from using AAS's. Not a guarantee, but I'd be willing to bet on it.
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