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Approved Log Testosterone Anavar HGH Severe acne Log

whats the brand of hgh you using and source?
it sounds like it's high quality to me
Beligas, beltropin. Here's a pic brotha.


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Hey fam. First of all, want to thank everyone for taking the time to help me out as I explore cycles. I have clearly ran into some issues and could use all the guidance. This is is my log and a little bit about me.
I am a 30 yr old male, 5'6 about 178lbs. Have been training for years on and off now. Some offs, due to injuries. My job it's self is very physically demanding and high paced. I carry a lot of heavy car parts like door assemblies hoods and such that can weigh up to 200lbs. I decided to try cycling because for 1, to be able to move around and carry things easily at work. 2, I have been trying to get into advanced calisthenics and just can't seem to get passed the plateus of strength and performance. 3. I want to look asthetically good bigger and cut. I started my cycle back in September and was actually doing very well, strong looking good, energy, till middle of Jan just got obliterated In acne. My skin was beautiful and clear before this is the worst it's ever looked. Very disheartening.
So here is my log.
Diet almost everyday mon-fri
morning 7am - either a green tea with honey and lemon or raw cacao in almond milk with honey and cinnamon.
930am- Fruit smoothie, strawberry, banana, acai, whey protein isolate, almond milk, blueberry. Or just fruit by itself and nuts like walnuts and pecans.
11am- baked sweet potato
1 pm- white rice, eggs, chicken, veggies
3pm- weigh protein isolate shake in coconut milk
last meal around 6or7pm- any of these combos switches most nights, grilled chicken rice and veggies, steak rice and veggies, steak and salad, chicken and salad like spring mix.
Then on weekends I might go out to eat, but it's usually mediterránea, vietnamese or Indian. Not really fast food chains.
This is mostly my consistent diet. I am open to any recommendations on how to properly diet.
here's the cycles (all gear from the recommended places that on here Domestic and umbrella)
September started
week 1-3
300mg deca, 300mg test E every Mon
week 4-8
test E 500mg, Deca stayed at 300 mg
week 8-15 Test E 500mg
week 10-15
250mc x2 ed bpc157
1mg eod tb500
Ran arimidex at .5mg two to three times pr week.

Late December to Early Feb (here is around where the acne started)
7 weeks total
week 1-2
ostarine 20mg, Cardarine 10mg
week 1-7
250mc x2 Ed bpc157
1mg eod tb500
week 2-7
ostarine 20mg, Cardarine 20mg
stopped because of the side effects.

mid Feb (acne still going and harder)
started hgh for 3 weeks high dose.
3units Ed and anavar 20 mgs Ed
stopped because I started to get carporal syndrome on my forearms.

coasted instead on chlomid for the remainder of the month 25mg Ed March just recovery nothing really used.

Started to really feel shitty and down so started again with test and anavar, some hgh and AI
April 1 to current.

week 1-2
test e 300 mg every week
anavar 20mg
hgh 3units every 3 days
week 3 to current
450 mg test e pr week
30mgs anavar
n2gaurd Ed
hgh every 3days 3 units

taking arimidex .5mg EOD and stopped anavar since I was feeling too off with it. Everything else continues at the same dose.
Acne is still being persistent a little less bad but still pretty bad.

That's my best fam at the log. Please let me know if I missed anything. Greatly appreciate all of your help with this.
Why are you running hgh 3ius every 3 days? Very confused here
I guess my body pics were too big to upload so had to redo it. Here's the pics of where I am and the acne I'm dealing with. Plus pics of the gear and other supplements. I am using N2GAURD.
The only things I am doing now is Arimidex .05 EOD, Test E at 450mgs Every week, hgh every 3 days at 3 units and oral bpc157 EOD at 250mc. Acne is still going hard. I'm battling it with constant Epsom salt baths, spray on salicylic acid, salicylic acid and antiseptic skin wash. It's helping but man is it being persistent. Pics of my food will be coming up shortly as I don't normally take pics, but will for the purpose of the log. Again much appreciated on the help and advice. I'm open to learning how to do this properly for the best results and safety of my health.
Tanning helps
Thanks brother I appreciate the compliment.

My gym actually has a red light therapy station. I try to hit it as much as I can if there is not a long waiting list to it. I also do like 3 to 4 Epsom salt baths a week to try and keep the acne at base.

OK I will gather up my meal pics.

And here it is a pic of our lord and savior N2GAURD. haha
@Señor Chido good looking n2guard, perfect.

thanks for sharing n2guard, we love TDs

waiting on your meal pics and training pics, update us
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