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Approved Log Testosterone and Anavar cycle training log

Wat a day today absolutely scorching hot it was unbearable at times.

Definitely crushed my energy but nothing a pre-workout meal and double shot coffee wouldnt fix so i still got after it and just as you have it the air conditioning was broken in the gym so it was a deadset sweat pool.


Had a pretty short session today and didnt go heavy mostly just tried to hit everything to failure with low rest periods.

Seated chest press - 4 sets
  1. 80lbs each side x 12 reps
  2. 90 lbs each side x 10 reps
  3. 115 each side x 5 reps then dropped down to 80lbs for another 8
  4. 80lbs each side x 8 reps

Seated Incline press - 3 set
  1. 80lbs each side - 10 reps
  2. 90lbs each side x 8
  3. 90 lbs each side x 8

Incline bench smith machine - 4sets
  1. 90kg x 10
  2. 90kg x 8
  3. 90kg x 8
  4. 60kg x 12

Cable chest flys - 5 sets
  1. 43kg each side x 8
  2. 36kg each side x 10
  3. 36kg each side x 10
  4. 30kg each side x 10

Post workout meal was just 250kg chicken breast with green veggies/carrot with some herbs and spices, no rice as wasnt hungry from the heat .



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you guys are definitely getting fried over there
it's a real shame it will be unlivable in another 10 or 20 years
Montro says come to my Island
year-round we don't need air conditioner and it stays mild
nice update I love the pictures
can definitely tell you are a working man and sweat like crazy
nice workout you definitely kicked ass
keep it up
this is real life for sure
we love hearing stories about these types of things
be interested to see how this goes
Saturday - Legs/abs

Hitting legs twice a week at the moment with one of the days majority bodyweight. As i have a prior right knee injury (fully torn ACL and lateral meniscus) I need to perform alot of bodyweight and conditioning exercises to strengthen all the little areas around the bottom of my quads and hamstrings for support of the knee.

I absolutely hammered my legs today -

  1. 4 sets of Walking lunges 50metres and then straight into reverse lunges for about 3 minutes and then straight into the next set non stop - After about 200 lunges i stopped counting but most likely did around 400 all up with low to no rest
  2. 4 x strict concentrated hamstring curls on the seated machine - all sets at 85kg x 10 reps
  3. Standing Calf raises 90kg - 15 reps, 12 reps, 10 reps, 8reps
  4. Decline sit ups (strict and slow) x 4 sets x 20, 15, 12 and 8 reps

Meals today -
  1. 5 scrambled whole eggs + 1cup oats with skim milk and 3tbsp chia seeds, blueberries.
  2. 190g tuna with 5 thin rice crackers
  3. 300g chicken breast with broccoli/greens and 1cup white rice
  4. Greek low cal Yoghurt with handful strawberries drizzle of honey
  5. 190g tuna + 4 thin rice crackers
  6. Protein shake



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