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Approved Log Testosterone Only Bulking Log

you won't go wrong doing some fasted cardio every morning
try some changes and see what happens that's the whole point of the log
winstrol is a good one for drying out
Legs A Today
5 sets, 15 rep goal
Ended up with 405 for all 5 sets and a total of 18 reps. 415 next workout. One back down at 315x11 paused reps.

Deficit snatch grip deads
3x8 @ 235.

Belt Squat
4 sets, 70 reps total @ 270lbs

Reverse Hyper 4x12 @ 90lbs

60 GHD Situps.
Had leg extensions and leg curls tk do but ran out of time. Also need tk ramp up the conditioning post workout. I've had to skip the last few sessions due to being at work and I don't like it.

Macros for the day: 2873. 247p, 91f, 256c. Well under my maintenance calories by about 700. On shift today and the day got away from us but still hit the protein goals.

Side note. Ended up going with Winstrol from Napsgear. Picked up 40 tabs of 50mg so it'll be right at a 5.5 week run paired with 200mg of TRT. Question is do I keep calories at maintenance and up activity to create a deficit or increase the deficit by diet AND ramp up activity for a recomp
Usually you go to deficit. depending on your body. If it was me I would stay 500kcals above baseline but my metabolism stupid
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