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Testosterone with masteron?


New member
Looking for a good cutting cycle, my bodyfat isn't too high.
I want to mix test enan with masterone but doses not clear to me.
How much of each would I use? especially I got the masteron enan version.
I would do testosterone at 500mg/week + masteron at 300mg/week. Masteron is really hard on your hair line so you don't want to use too high a dosage.

The best SARM for fat loss is a ppar up regulator like cardarine/sr9009 ->

The nicest thing about cardarine is that it's not a hormone and not a stimulant so it won't effect sleep, testosterone levels or anything like that.

Test + masteron + cardarine would be an awesome cutting cycle.

Something like this -

Weeks 1 - 12
testosterone e 500mg/week
masteron e 300mg/week
cardarine 20mg/day
aromasin 12.5mg every other day

After your cycle run the perfect PCT protocol:

*If you are doing a bodybuilding show or prepping for a photo shoot, drop the testosterone 2 weeks out from your competition day. The mast, Aromasin and cardarine you can run straight up until the day of your show/shoot.*
remember steroids are not fat burners

masteron is a hardener roid, it also is a dry roid. but that isn't losing fat, and if your muscles are covered in fat you won't see shit from it.

really i think you are wasting your money using masteron to burn fat.

I would rather you buy n2slin + GW stack, clean up your diet, and exericse 1-2 hours a day
If your BF% is above 10%, you'll be wasting the Masteron.

So if you're a little higher than that, get your Diet in order 1st, and get your BF% down......................... JP
Can you either post a pic or give us a more detailed idea of what your body fat is? This will really help with answering the question on whether it is worth it to run mast at all.

It is a very high chance that its not worth it I would say.

Masteron and winstrol are these cosmetic steroids that are best utilised below 8-10% bodyfat and used for competitions.Also, the hairline will suffer hard from them, so keep it in mind.

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