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The KISS principle and supplements


EVO Logger
90% of forum readers and members are newbies. So here's some advice for you guys. I've been doing this for 38 years and a have (literally) a TON of magazines and books (probably 4000+) of bodybuilding.

Now that means I've seen a LOT of adverts and promotions for products. So I can see how easy it is to keep adding, adding, adding to your supps list yet it can become 1) very expensive and 2) you might not be covering basic stuff. Like with lab tests you control the variables so that when you add something in you can see if it works real quick. The same is true of diet and training.

Basics first - protein, vitamins, creatine (if you're my age), something for the joints.

Then maybe pre-workouts etc. Keep any product in the loop long enough to see if it works before adding it in or taking it out. Read up on doses and optimal amounts. Don't go cheap and skimp on half the useful dose and equally don't double up if you don't have to. Then come here and get some advice on what to add - inc LOTS of info. If, for example, stims don't work and you're also drinking 10 cups of large coffees a day that's the info we need.
Not just on supplements but on everything bodybuilding related.

I see all these people trying to re-invent the wheel with these super complicated diet, training and drug protocols. KISS - keep it simple stupid.

Look at the best bodybuilders of all time. They have the most simple diet and training program imaginable. Ronnie coleman did the exact same leg workout for 10 years.

I often find that the people who are asking about these super complicated drug protocols don't even have their diet and training in check. Always remember big picture with all this stuff.
I could not agree with you any more than that! The more complicated things are, the more chances of something going terribly wrong. Simple things never fail, complicated can fail in many aspects.
FOOD should be your #1 supplement

until you figure that out you will never succeed in fitness. some guys can get away with it but they just happen to have those great genetics
I see guys try to analyze every single detail of their life when it comes to fitness and bodybuilding. I just cant imagine living like that where every little thing is such a big deal. Keep things simple and enjoy what we do.
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