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The temporary muscle-building effect of the citrulline-glutathione combination


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Eight weeks of resistance training in conjunction with glutathione and L-Citrulline supplementation increases lean mass and has no adverse effects on blood clinical safety markers in resistance-trained males

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The temporary muscle-building effect of the citrulline-glutathione combination
If bodybuilders or fitness enthusiasts use a daily supplement with citrulline and glutathione, they build up more muscle mass. At least for a few weeks. Then the effect ebbs away. We read that in a humane study that appeared in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition in 2018.

The researchers at Baylor University in the US divided 75 resistance-trained males aged 18-35 into 3 groups.
During a period of 8 weeks, during which all subjects ate and trained in an identical way, the first group took a placebo daily. A second group took 2 grams of citrullin malate daily, a third group took 2 grams of citrullin malate daily plus 200 milligrams of reduced glutahion.
The supplements came from the factories of the Japanese Kyowa Hakko Bio Corporation, the sponsor of the study . Kyowa Hakko markets reduced glutahion as Setria.


Supplementation with citrulline and supplementation with the combination of citrullin malate and glutathione had no effect on strength or fat mass. The researchers did see that the subjects in the citrulline + glutathione group had built up significantly more lean body mass - say: muscle mass - than the subjects in the other groups.

However, that effect disappeared again in week 8.


That's weird.The researchers suggest the possibility that something went wrong with the diet of the subjects in the citrulline + glutathione group. Because we ourselves are deep-minded nutritionalists deep in our dark hearts, we think in a different direction. It is possible that supplementation with a reduced number of weeks has a positive effect, we suspect, but not afterwards. Then a feed-back mechanism comes into effect, which reduces the endogenous biosynthesis of glutathione.
" We conclude that, compared to placebo, supplementation or L-citrulline with reduced glutathione during resistance training increases lean mass in resistance-trained males, " the researchers write. " However, after 8 weeks of resistance training there were no significant differences in any of the measured variables ."

J Int Soc Sports Nutr. 2018 Jun 27. 15 (1): 30.

Addition of 200 mg glutathione makes L-citrulline a more effective NO booster (23-6-2015)

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