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Three weeks into 300mg/week test cycle, not sure wether to stop or complete a cycle.

Bros this is going to be an Epic log
when do you plan on having kids exactly and how long do you want to stay on trt? It might be better to cycle
No gf and financially not there yet, but Ideally in the next four to five years. I would want to stay on forever if I could? Seems to have positive effects for my drive/mental state. But wouldn't be against coming off to close the deal on adding more Me's to the world, just very worried about having zero and it never coming back. Frankly, reddit sob stories have gotten me a bit terrified lol.
Hi guys, very new here and just wanted to say first off everyone here seems very knowledgeable on the topic of PEDs and does their best to shoot straight with people on side effects/expectations without totally shitting on someone which a lot of PED-related forums seem to do.

I’m 28 years old, 5’11 200 pounds and very fit regarding with lifts/strength training and cardio, diet leaves something to be desired. But like most of you probably, I’m pretty obsessive about my exercise.

Recently I started a cycle of 300mg Test C, 12.5mg Aromasin EOD cycle. I’m three weeks into it and as I learn more about the decision I made I guess I’m just unsure if I should continue. Frankly zero benefits from that so far, no noticeable gains other than maybe physically stronger but no visible muscle growth really.

To be honest i had originally wanted to just go on 200mg/week trt forever until I learned about the fertility side effects (which frankly
I don’t know if these are overblown or not, but having kids is definitely something I would really want in my life in the future). Still debating what is best that or pct. PCT sounds like a very daunting and expensive process. And something that sounds like a very big commitment in time and energy to be doing over and over and over.

The whole back and forth in my head has me thinking what if I just stop now. Reevaluate this down the road in a few years when I’m really more sure this is what I want to do. However everything I read here says it’s already too late for that, and my hormones are shut down pretty much the same as if I went the full 12 weeks I’d need to pct all the same. Is this really the case? Or could I stop now and resume natural T production? If not, is it better to just keep going the full 12 weeks, in that case I think I’d just up my dose to 500mg as suggested for a beginners cycle.

Second, the only thing holding me back from just doing “trt” at 200mg is fertility concerns. I’ve heard people say taking HCG or Clomid with test can keep you fertile, is this true?

Thanks for taking the time to read and any advice y’all can give
Wasn't totally sure where to put this but I have a log (I think?) for you all, let me know thoughts or if there's info I should add:

Also sorry for the string of posts one after another still getting use to the UI of this forum.
Hi guys, I was told to log my testosterone journey.

So here’s all the information I can provide you guys with:

Source: Domestic-Supply.Com

Currently taking:

  • 300 mg Test C. (Ultima Pharma)/Week
  • 10mg Aromasin EoD
  • .5mg Finastride EoD (I want my hair)
Current weight: 205-210 Pounds

Height: 5’11

Bench: 300lbs

Squat: 350lbs

Background: Former athlete. Working out every day for the last 8 years (probably longer). I am currently 28 years old.


Goals are mostly to grow my legs as much as possible, tired of this chicken leg lifestyle lol. Trim down on fat. I realize those are probably mutually exclusive but hey steroids, right? I am happy with my upper body physique, other than I could stand to lose of few pounds around the belly.


I should count calories better than I do, I basically eat when I’m hungry, I really doubt I’m not getting enough calories lol. I always ensure I take or eat as much protein as my weight in kilograms though. I take creatine and fish oil as supplments.

Current Workout Regime:

  • Every Day: Morning Run – 3 miles a day at 8:00 minute pace.
  • Sleep: Always been tough for me, more often than not I get 8 hours, but if you averaged it out over the week it is probably somewhere around 6.5-7 a night
  • Go to the Gym everyday for at least an hour and half, I’d say I’m one of the higher intensity people working out there.
  • Sunday: Normal Cardio, light work (Calves, forearms, touch up anything I feel like didn’t get a great pump the previous week).
  • Monday: Push Day 1
  • Tuesday: Pull Day 1
  • Wednesday: Legs 1 (compound lifts, squats, leg press, Lunges, not necessarily always all of these but the majority of them, starting with the most weight compound lifts and usually going down to whatever I’m capable of still doing 10x4 sets of for the later exercises)
  • Thursday: Push Day 2 (more tricep focused)
  • Friday: Pull Day 2 (more bicep focused)
  • Saturday: Legs 2 (usually more specific iso work and machines)

Along with the questions in my original post, what's peoples thoughts on going up to 500mg? Seems like if I just cylce or go TRT (say, back down to 200mg after this), I'm not seeing the downside of going up to 500mg if I'm already in the game and am responding well with no sides to 300mg.


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you know, when you have doubts and concerns, its best to listen to your head and stop bro... its far smarter to do that then to have regrets later on.. i can tell you that if you are not 100% ready mentally, you should NOT do it... you are not far enough along to where it would hurt you at all.. my recommendation would be to listen to your head and stop
the longer you are on trt The harder it will be to recover
this is why it's important to get a log Journal going and get your sperm tested and documented
Do you have advice regarding sperm testing? It seems very expensive, I ordered an at home kit but only tells you of presence over 150mil. As it's been less than a month, I still should be at pre-cycle levels and sperm supposedly is a 60-day delay/production process in your body, right?
Bro you dont sound ready for a cycle. ID PCT now and move on
good lord thank god you were on steroids or there'd be 1000s of you hahahaha
You can’t take bodymonster seriously all the time lol
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