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Top 6 Mr Olympia 2021

First call out was (in no particular order): Ramy, Nick Walker, Hadi Chopan, Brandon Curry, William Bonac, Hunter Labrada.

Right now it's looking VERY close between Ramy and Curry. If Ramy dries out a little more for the Saturday night show he should win. Both have great shape but Brandon looked in better condition based off of a few pics I've seen so far
The final results were:

1 Mamdouh Elssbiay
2 Brandon Curry
3 Hadi Choopan
4 Hunter Labrada
5 Nick Walker

Agree, disagree? Worthy of note was also who was supported by a big MrO sponsor
The guys this year had a ridiculous amount of muscle. There can be no complaints from Ronnie or Dorian about them not comingin "conditioned!" It really came down to whose genetics you like more.

Personally I think Chris Bumstead , the "Classic Mr Olympia winner is about as perfect a body as anyone could want. I'm still on the fence with the "classic" category. I prefer the look. And if I ever decide to compete agin it would be so much better for me. But where do you draw the line? In a lot of cases, a guy who would rank 10th in the over all comes in shredded he'd dominate the "classic." Though in Chris's case, the aesthetics and proportions are flawless.
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