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Approved Log Training and cycle Log

You have a decent starting physique man. You can do really well
Hey bro thanks for reply.
I will definitely start logging everything from next week and start taking photos too.
My training hasn't really changed because I have just started back in the last 2 months and thought the 5x5 progressive overload system might help me but not seeing much yet.
@Irishman waiting on pics and more updates, its sunday so tomorrow monday you'll have some updates bro? :) please do
Hi all, I'm a newbie here and needing help with cycle and training.
I am 44 years old male. I started weight training/ body-building at 16 doing a 6 day split and started doing steroid cycle around 19 doing 12 week courses of 3ml sus 250 and deca plus tamoxifen daily, also used primo, equipose, winstrol, propionate and t3 and then hcg after cycle for around 5-6 cycles and was around 150 kg at my biggest.
I ended up getting into boxing and gave up weight training as my coaches always said weight training slows you down. Quit weight training for about 15 year's.
Currently I am on trt in Melbourne using 2 ml of sustan 250 a week and 2iu a day of hgh for around10 years now. Never had a problem with gyno and when estrogen has been high ive taken arimidex which makes me feel like shit.Just started back into weight training 2 years ago and not getting great results.
Hoping to blast and cruise on trt with a cycle of probably 750 sustan a week and 500 deca with hgh.
My current weight is 117kg
Height 195
I have a bit of body fat to lose also , maybe 20 kg.not sure on percentage

Protein daily 200 grams and 300 carbs not sure on fat.
Breakfast 4 bacon 4 eggs
Protein shake and creatine
Lunch Chicken brocolli rice stir fry
Protein shake
Dinner 250 gram mince beef with veg and microwave packs rice

I eat pretty clean mostly and have a few beers weekly.
Current training is the 5x5 workout.
Mon wed fri
Bench press 70 kg
Press 65 kg
Squat 110 kg
Bent row 100 kg
Hex bar deadlift 140kg.
Sleep around 6 hours a day
Cardiovascular walking an hour a day at present.

I have had some injuries and haven't been training lower body for around 6 months due to a massive quadricep patella tendon rupture and 4 surgeries. Also pins in right shoulder and ac joint surgery on left shoulder. Shoulder mobility is shit so easy bar squat is better for me .Just getting back into things again now and looking for advice on some gear as my trt doctor in Melbourne has been in some trouble for prescribing issues. Currently looking for a source in Melbourne for hgh and gear. current blood work.
Current goals
Looking to get stronger and bigger and lose some fat at the same time.
Also on blood pressure medication
Thanks for any help
Let's get some pics up and start charting for everyday.
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