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Approved Log Training and Diet - Natural Testosterone Recovery Log

I agree with mobster I think four days a week with strong volume is good
on non-workout days you can always do things like cardio or something else Outdoors
Hey guys quick update
I trained chest and back today. I am thinking of changing my routine to a push pull legs upper lower routine.
This would enable me to workout 5 days per week. I enjoy doing at least 20 mins of cardio in combination with my weight training workouts.
I like circuit based training as it keeps me in the zone and I can go from one movement to the next with minimal rest. Training antagonist muscle groups such as chest and back for example. It may not be the ideal workout for hypertrophy but currently I am just trying to maintain size not grow necessarily as I don’t have the test levels to support much growth.

I am planning to order sr9009 and cardarine next week and will commence my pct protocol. I have received my pct drugs. I feel that if I am unable to recover my natural test levels I will just blast and cruise. I enjoy the bodybuilding lifestyle it brings me great joy and It keeps me motivated in aspects of my life.

hope you guys got a good session in today. Take care and finish the week strong.
keep the info coming. where you get your pct stuff
Last two days training sessions, weights have decreased but every rep is more focused, controlled and consistent 👌


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keep the info coming. where you get your pct stuff
I have a contact that helps me source gear and supplements. He helped me organise the gear for my first cycle. I am also a part of UGL labs telegram group. I am always looking for good sources of high-quality gear. I love the pharmacological aspect of bodybuilding.
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