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Approved Log Training Fat Loss Log - Female

I am new to the group. 38 yo female, 5’5, 158lbs. Before and after pics are just about 1 year apart - basically no exercise in before and primarily lifting in after. I have a long way to go building muscle but I can’t see past the fat. I want to drop body fat percentage and then put on some muscle.

Currently, eating 1545 cals. 154P/145C/42F. And the scale is not moving. Been taking test cypionate (prescribed) for 2 years for energy, etc. wondering if I should add sarm such as S4 and/or cardarine

Lifting 5 days per week - bro split

Haven’t done a lot of cardio just getting 10,000 steps at least a day…

Typical meals
Breakfast (pre workout)
Coffee with cream
Low cal English muffin with egg whites

Whole wheat tortilla with turkey /cheese. Apple. Protein shake.

Protein shake or bar

Lean protein, white rice, veggies.

Any thoughts?

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Nice to see another female yes! IMO I think I look great for only lifting sounds like year! Sounds like Your body is recomping . So if your scale doesn’t move that’s ok. Muscle weighs more than fat. That’s great and hurray you found someone to give you a script for test. Thats a battle! That’s a big advantage. Looks like it’s helped. Hopefully your energy is better too.How and What dosage do you take? I take a mini dose of my husbands script. Lol. 👍😊 There are a few women here that have had good results from Anavar me included. it’s an oral so that’s nice you u can take small doses side effects are pretty minimal for most. It is a mass and strength builder. But the more lean mass you have the more calories you can burn!! You can eat clean at a deficit it’s possible to gain muscle still burn fat. It’s sometimes slow. Or you can try just adding sarms. That can work nicely. Less risk of sides IMO. Guys here have good advice usually. But you gotta start with a bit of cardio. Just Walk the treadmill at good pace 10-20” right after. Good old fashion cardio burns fat builds endurance and it’s good for the heart! Post your workout logs and weights people can see what you’re doing and give advice how to change up some things that might help. Stick to it! Stay strong sister! Happy lifting! 💪🌸
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