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tren ace vs. tren e 2nd tren cycle

you can go with tren e but you need to dial the dose back on it especially considering you had to cut it short with just 300 mg... keep in mind that tren is certainly not for everyone and my thoughts on it are the best way to run it is to not run it at all!
I'm a nobody but that's the best advice you're going to get.
Leave that shit for the pros or the professional idiots (like me).
No offense to anyone.
40 years old 178 pounds and five foot six inches very lean body fat six pack
this is my 2nd time using tren
first time I used tren ace. 6 weeks only
I was improving quite a bit especially after the 4th week but cut it short at 6 weeks because the side effects
was doing 300 mg a week
goal is to continue to recomp and get more ripped
do you think 2nd time on tren I should go with tren E and push 10 weeks this time?
never run tren 10 weeks first off. No I would use ace in case sides get bad. you already had bad sides from Tren why would you go longer with ester that takes longer to clear makes zero sense at all
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