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Tren cycle train 1vs2x/week

Opinions on training each muscle/group once or twice a weak while on a tren cycle?

Haven't done a log yet so I will put some basic info here.
Height 6ft weight 180lbs athletic build low fat, 27 yrs old.

History with cycles
First cycle of test, eq, dbol at 20yrs old, wasnt serious, didnt workout, quit usage after 8 weeks, gained some size, prob from the dbol. No pct.

Second cycle was serious and at 22yrs old, ran test, tren a, dbol, had pct clo,nolv,hcg, and some adex, nothing else no caber, didnt experience any sides but Im pre sure the stack was underdosed, either way I ran 500test per week and 100 tren a everyday Im pretty sure, If I rmbr correctly I experimented for a short while by doing 100 eod to reduce pins, I think that was only for a few weeks tho. Overal cycle was 14 weeks. I got massive, weighting around 200lbs range, after pct was done I ended up sitting at 190. Weight at the start of that cycle was 160ish.

So with that said, for this new cycle I am leaning towards trying a new routine of working out eod and hitting each muscle once a week, is this optimal or appropriate for a tren cycle? My brain is telling me that tren is just a monster and i should workout everyday to get the most benefit, but I heard some advice saying that the eod routine will actually allow for more gains..
you too young to be running tren. I train muscles every 5 days or so
this is more of a how to workout on steroid question

the answer is even on tren you aren't gonna turn into a robot. You are still a very fragile human being with soft tissue so if you overtrain the way you want to then expect a lot of injuries

Their injury risk on steroids especially this one goes up not down remember that
@stevesmi we should do a podcast on this. I'll address this in-depth below
Training on steroids vs off / natty
There's an idea that training needs to be different on steroids. It's not 100% accurate. If you look at my log, or indeed any of the 'on' and 'off' logs on Evo the training doesn't change. What IS true is that you can push harder, recover better and progress more.

What SHOULD happen is that you're supposed to have sorted your training as hard and as far as you can off then start a cycle to take the same training to the nth degree. Doubling up on exercises or volume will be ok only in the short term on AAS.

If I trained a bodybuilder, instead of for strength as I do, I'd make sure that I'd be working my weak points and have learned to squeeze the pips out of my training. Now we KNOW that even untrained study participants on a good diet can add muscle on PEDs so anyone who can train will do better. But have everything on point and BOOM! But double up or change everything... zero need
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