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Trenbolone and mental health side effects: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

[FONT=&quot]This is priceless information and the beginning was so entertaining but right on point!! [/FONT]
any one with any mental issue at all stay far away from Tren. If you married and want a divorce Just run high dose tren for 8-10 weeks and you will be divorced. Tren not for faint at heart. know how it effects you or dont use it. 1st time use ace at like 30mg eod to start then slowly bump. This isnt Test boys..

TREN for da real men who can deal wit da sides. I couldnt handle Tren when I was younger a would get violent...Now its diff story you have to have mental and self control for Tren!!
bros thats an interesting watch
Mental health is an often ignored topic in should be given equal importance as physical health..........thanks for the important video dylan....recommended to everyone........
The tren mental thing is something I've never experienced so its hard for me to understand. But if you already have issues I can see how tren can amplify it. You can also say the same for most steroids. Tren just does it to a larger degree
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