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TRT help from expert

Hi gentlemen

I really appreciate the help and support. I will prepare and post my Log Journal soon.

Just a couple of things:
1. I live in Australia. So, getting a doctor to prescribe TRT is harder than Chinese algebra.
2. I don't do weights. I train BJJ. Not sure if that makes any difference?
3. I don't really drink much. Just a few beers here and there.
4. I will get my bloodwork done.

Thanks again, brothers.

I read all of your feedback and comments, and thank you all.

TRT aims to restore hormonal balance and alleviate symptoms associated with low testosterone, such as fatigue, reduced muscle mass, and low libido. ... go through articles available
If you are set on self-TRT and not working with your doctor, start at 75mg per week and see where that gets you as far as relieving symptoms. I do not advise trying to get to a set number on bloods but tailor it to how you feel. That being said, your dose should not be putting you over 900 ng/dl nor should your estrogen be above the normal range. If that happens, your dose is too high.
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