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Trying to have a baby while on steroids

telling people to not get married just because your situation is a mess is ignorant as can be.. check your own issues before giving people any type of life advice.. you have zero business telling anyone how to live their life
It amazes me that a man would not be turned on by a woman asking for sex. I remember when my wife and I were trying. I was in heaven everyday she asked for me to nail her.
a lot of people get into arranged marriages where they simply aren't attracted to their spouse
or they simply lose that luster after a while and things get stale

i knew a friend who didn't have sex with her husband for 8 years. she was disugsted with his abuse. she gets divorced and turns into a sex maniac
Having kids is a difficult thing to break down. On one hand it is actually fairly difficult to get pregnant. But then there are times where you can do it on the first try. Not the same for everyone. I have a friend with multiple kids who were all conceived while on heavy cycles. Others do not use any PEDs or drugs and have a hard time. Bottom line is that the best odds are if you come off everything but even then does not guarantee anything. Like you said, sperm count is good. And it only takes one.
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