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Proficient Brother
Got some Deca , Tes E, HGH and anavar off the bro,

Amazing stuff , I gave the anavar to my brother to see if it worked because he’s a natty… yep this stuff is 100% legit.
He rung me up going holy fuck this is insane , he has broken PB with triathlon.

I ran 100iu of the HGH at 4iu a day , 2500 calories a day with fasted cardio in the mornings and cut back 7kg of fat in 3 weeks retaining muscle mass
I am stoked it’s actually the best shape I’ve ever been in. Got the usual sides from GH so Im very confident it’s legit and it’s a great price too.
I will be getting more confidently.

The tes and deca is good to go , I am not usually prone to Gyno but I’ve had to increase my AI.. so this is a good sign.

Honestly this bloke is fair dinkum and I truely believe he cares for his customers.
He has integrity , good prices and quick with comms and postage.

Vials are all clean neat and legit. Smooth injection no pip

I need to get blood work done I’m actually excited to see my levels

Shout out to 👊
Will add my 2c here, made an order the other week and bam, arrived on my doorstep two days later. Express Post bag, everything looking 100% legit, and Andy was very responsive all the way through the order process including my hassles with stocking up my Bitcoin wallet. Great prices and great customer service, that's a solid combo.
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