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Upcoming cycle help


New member
I have been debating over the past few weeks on what my next cycle would look like. What do you guys think ? I am pretty experienced!
What's your age and body fat percentage? You definitely never need HCG, but if you do use it, only use it in the closing weeks of your cycle. Clomid alone is a pretty incomplete PCT, and you should check out the PCT sticky. Finally, I'd personally use more eq and maybe a little less test.
finishing with winny only makes sense if you are posing or monetizing yourself out.

I understand where Ur comming from, but I feel great on winstrol 50mg, and add it in regardless. It's comming up summer in Australia, so if I'm at the beach, or in the pool doesn't matter. Some may use it just precomp. But I just like it. The beach and the pool is the competition
To answer Ur question specifically, using hcg during cycle does assist pct and bouncing back quicker which in turn will assist keeping gains.

One 5000 iu vial, 250iu mon/Thur will last 10 weeks. That's how I'd recommend it. Others have different recommendations, do Ur research and decide what's best for u.
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