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Use BRIDGE in-between steroid cycles. Use this product to solidify your gains!


The Only Supplement Specifically Designed for In-Between Cycles!

The concept behind BRIDGE is amazingly unique!
There aren’t any other products like it – It was specifically designed for steroid using bodybuilders who need something natural to take while they are OFF the steroids. BRIDGE has a very strong mix of ingredients and it is the proper way to solidify gains and continue to make progress even while you are not taking any Steroids.

The purpose BRIDGE is ingenious.

Every bodybuilder that has ever used steroids, prohormones or SARMs knows just how much it sucks to have to come off the stuff. Even if you run a proper Post-Cycle Therapy, there is just no way will you continue to look as tight and feel as powerful as when you were taking steroids.
The reality is that no bodybuilder using steroids likes to lose all of their super strength and quick recovery when the cycle stops. The feeling of losing your strength and mass is just very discouraging for any athlete that is forced to come off the steroids, like we all have to at some point.
In the quest to avoid the horrible feeling of shut-down in between cycles, athletes have adopted a method that became known as “bridging”, which is essentially doing a low dose of something in-between cycles. The problem with taking a low dose of steroids is two-fold. One, as long as you’re on any exogenous for of androgen, be it 5 mgs of dianabol or 100 mgs of testosterone, you are still reliant on that outside influence and you never fully recover your HPTA. Is that so bad? Well, that brings us to point number two; if you’re always dependent on an external form of androgen, the next cycle is never quite as effective as it could be. This is why you see so many guys using dosages comparable to the pros and just look like an ordinary gym rat. The reality of the situation is, you need to come off, train naturally and build some solid muscle, restore your receptors, and then hit it again a few months down the line for the best effect and best long term gains.

There are options you can use to extending a cycle that are far less suppressive than steroids – Proviron and SARMs are two examples and both can be used with great effectiveness. These two are mild, but even with the slightest suppression, recovery is never 100%. You have to come off everything completely, not only for maintaining a healthy hormonal system but to get the most out of the next cycle.

This is why BRIDGE was formulated for all of you Steroid users.

BRIDGE mimics all of the effects of steroids, without causing any suppression. None. It is natural and mild yet it gives that extra edge so you don’t have to feel like you’re losing all of your gains and training with no enhancement. Now, I’m not saying you’re going to grow like on a gram of gear. But the ingredients in BRIDGE will give you a mighty boost you just can’t get from any other natural source. In fact, some “natural” guys have had great success on nothing but SARMs and BRIDGE stacked together! This would be a real deal non-steroidal cycle! And it’s damn effective!

So now you can recover AND still keep growing! Without the drag and the crash of coming off completely.

Check out these incredibly power ingredient mix in BRIDGE and learn just why it is so good.

Cassis Grandiszz: This is an amazing and exotic herb from the jungles of Costa Rica. It has a reputation in folklore as an aphrodisiac but more scientific studies reveal that it increases blood volume. That is exactly what androgens do that produce those massive pumps! It’s the first thing you miss when you go off! Now, you can get them back!
Phosphatydl Serine: This unique phospholipid has the distinct ability to stop the destruction of the cellular wall. It is an intriguing component to anti-aging but it also prevents muscle catabolism so you won’t lose the gains you made while on cycle!
Fadogia Aggrestis: Fadogia is the only natural substance shown to increase luteinizing hormone, thus allowing for faster recovery. Even if you use HCG, it’s only a temporary fix. Fadogia gets the body to work on its own to restore testosterone and testicular size.
Alpha GPC (L Alpha Glycerylphosphorycholine): Unlike bogus GH enhancers, Alpha GPC has been proven to increase GH output, when it’s secreted naturally. In other words, when you train hard and are in a deep sleep, growth hormone production may be increased by up to 20%!
EGCG: This is an extract of green tea, that offers the most concentrated form of the active ingredient. It’s a powerful antioxidant that also helps in utilizing and preventing the storage of excess fat. It also increases focus and endurance.

Resveratrol: This is what you would call “an aging antagonist” enzyme that also maintains proper hormonal balance – a must, after disrupting the HPTA and waiting for it to recover.
Euricoma Longifolia Root 100:1 Extract: Euricoma increases free testosterone to make the most of what you make naturally. We use the highest potency available. With regular use, you can double the potential of your natural testosterone, resulting in more muscle growth!
Muira Puama 12:1 Extract: Here we have our libido enhancer, so you still have that raging drive you get from harsher compounds.
Lepidium Meyenii: This assures the right balance of estrogen, so it doesn’t go too high or too low.
Pregnenolone: This is the MASTER hormone that is the precursor to testosterone. Once a cycle ends, pregnenolone drops. BRIDGE replaces it to healthy levels.

There just aren’t any other supplement you can use in-between cycles that is this stacked with so many high-potency ingredients to flood your system with nutrients, adaptagens and hormone precursors
Do not go and spend time, money and effort running the perfect steroid cycle just to lose most of your gains it in between cycles!
Don’t kid yourself; using low doses of androgens in between cycles isn’t enough to grow muscle and it just suppresses you further and holds back future muscle building progress. NOT GOOD! Do it the right way. Prepare yourself for the next cycle with solid gains, renewed receptors a fresh anabolic environment. Maintain muscle, stamina and sex drive with BRIDGE. It gets you to the other side.

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what would the doing be for bridge?

3 caps a day is normal dosage but i have always double dosed it when i used it for an even enhanced cycle of it... you will still see great benefits at the normal dose, i am just a more advanced user on it... on your first few times using it, stick to 3 caps a day...
3 caps a day is normal dosage but i have always double dosed it when i used it for an even enhanced cycle of it... you will still see great benefits at the normal dose, i am just a more advanced user on it... on your first few times using it, stick to 3 caps a day...
Sorry to hijack but Dylan do you split up the doses like two in the am and one in the pm or take all three in the am?
Yup.. stacking mine with dspark now and it's working very well
Very skeptical about any supplement now a days, but none the less interested! Will have to my research!
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