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Using Masteron as AI for cycle, and the ONLY anti-estrogen

wilson AC

New member
Have you guys ever taken masteron as the only AI for your cycle?
What dose did you take and were you able to lower you estrogen levels?
Somebody at the gym told me about it but I find it hard to believe another steroid can inhibit your estrogen, if it's true what could be the ideal dosage and from which week to take it in a cycle of test and deca of 12 weeks? thanks.
That's what proviron was used for back in the day. That was before AIs were pretty much unheard of. I've heard of masteron,test p, tren a and proviron without an ai. Never masteron itself.
You are correct that masteron has some mild anti-estrogen properties since it is a DHT derivative. However, the anti-estrogen properties of masteron are NOT strong enough to warrant not using an AI with your cycle if you are using compounds that aromatize like testosterone.

Guys in the 80's used things like masteron and nolvadex to try and combat estrogen problems because AIs were not available then.

Both deca and test are known to cause a lot of water retention. They are VERY estrogenic compounds. Masteron by itself won't be near strong enough.

Remember to include the proper support supplements with your cycle:
1. An AI to keep estrogen in the low-normal range. Aromasin at 10mg EOD is a good dosage.
2. An anti-prolactin drug to keep prolactin in the low-normal range. Cabergoline at 0.25mg EOD is a good dosage.
That's old bro logic. Masteron is a dry compound but will not be strong enough to eliminate estrogen during cycle. Don't listen to the Bros at the gym. Always run an AI with every cycle
Masteron does work in that way. But definitely not enough.

While on masteron you might need less AI, I would not rely entirely on it while running a cycle. The testosterone will still convert into estrogen and you will get disbalanced panel of female hormones.

Just get the aromasin and adjust accordingly to the bloodwork.
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