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using SERMs for Joint health?


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Can any1 who has used serms before suggest a cycle that would help with joints. lately my elbows and knees have been hurting when i push the weight. i had gotten really strong quickly and then the pain started which makes it near impossible to get a good leg or tricep workout. i have no experience with AI or SERMs. i did a pro hormone called halotest25 or 50 ? i dont remember the name exacly. i was 16. havent done anything since then.

My stats
15% bf
24 years old

already taking glucosamine chromadine (ostio bi flex triple strength)
Bud, SERMs will not help you with joints, unless you meant SARMs.

There is one SARM, that was specifically designed to treat injuries, especially ligament related ones - ostarine. It is extremely effective, and you should really give it a try because unlike most supplements out there, it does not just cover up the injuries - it truly heals them. Also, there is one awesome supplement called N2Joints RX - it does wonders to the ligaments and joints.
I'm assuming you mean SARM's and yes they help.. they were designed partly for that purpose of strengthening the joints
what i meant to ask was would the dosing be different then for another goal?

The dosing wouldn't be any different. Try ostarine at 20mg/day + n2joint RX at 5capsules/day. You should notice a positive improvement on how your joints feel in a week or less.
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