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using tren at 150 pounds

fck sake the rationale out there is mind boggling... dude, seriously, not only stay away from tren but stay away from anything and everything PED related... not just steroids, but literally everything... i wouldnt even trust you with basic supplements...
I’m looking to use trenbolone. I only weigh 150 pounds. Saw some fat dude on YouTube claimed that you shouldn’t use it unless you’re at least 200 pounds. he was some obese dude that was doing squats with his gut hanging out. Not the look I’m going for at all.
I’m 24 years old. 5’11’’. always been skinny. Up before you say anything I started out at 125 pounds two years ago and I built 25 pounds naturally but now I’ve hit a plateau
how much tren should I run?
Mate you need to really educate yourself on what steroids are before throwing yourself in the deep-end by asking a questions like this on a forum. Your gonna get grilled. Just like all these Gents are saying, you're too young and not savvy enough to start pinning yourself. If your keen to jump on, no problem its your choice. But just make sure you know what your doing.

To answer your question, don't touch Tren (especially if its your first cycle). You wanna get big? Eat ;) Your 24, you have enough natural Testosterone in your body to grow like a Tank.
no no at 150lbs you need to work on diet and training
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