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Approved Log Using TRT and HGH older guy Log

In fairness to the doctors you are on blood pressure medication
you definitely don't want to keep your testosterone intake too high long-term without breaks
at the end of the day there is no point in getting frustrated with doctors I've been the same way sometimes you just have to find one that fits what you're looking for
would love to start seeing your food pictures that would be some sensational
a doctor is just like an accountant you've got to find the right one
at the end of the day you can always just do self trt
don't get frustrated my man stay positive there's no point in frustrating yourself
I thought why not put up a log regarding an old bloke using Test and HGH in my life over the past 10 years.
Firstly I'm 63 years old and have been an athlete most of my adult life. I played Aussie Rules around a lot of Australia, I dabbled with boxing, athletics and other sports.
I became a massage therapist and Personal Trainer in 1993 and I run a successful business in PT and Massage.
I started 2012 using Sarms and CJC 1295 then moved to Testosterone and 2years ago HGH. I truly believe this has allowed me to stay relevant in these two industries.
My protocols at the moment are 1ml (mon/thurs) of Test E per week and 2IU 6 days on and 1day off of HGH.
My training is a simplistic method of heavy weights Back Squats and Bench Press 2 Days and HIT cardio of Ergo and Assault Bike 2 days with 2 days rest and an optional heavy Dead's and some heavy bag work if needed.
I used to get my supplements from the East until the clinic was shut down on Easter Friday this year. I got onto this forum through necessity and contacted silverback lab which has been a godsend to me this guy looks after me and has helped me work out bitcoin, supplement protocols and the service is professional, easy to order, fast and reliable.
To my knowledge, these are equivalent to what I am used to but I must have a shout out for the HGH as I'm finding I'm getting very good results with it.
So I feel quite pleased I've done my first log. I hope this can interest some of the older guys out there who are lifting, bodybuilding or training for strength as a major factor to lifestyle.
Good work
Someone asked about the massage side of my business so I decided to give my thoughts on massage relevant to this forum.
Every body builder, powerlifter, strength trained athlete should have a minimum of 10 'Bodywork' sessions a year. I have found that this will protect you from soft tissue injury by up to 90% if you get massaged on a fortnightly basis.

Recovery, Rehabilitation and Rest must to apart of your program if you want to obtain your goals.
Weight training is demanding and we use all available means to keep ourselves in the gym to work hard, so giving your body a therapeutic 60min or 90min reward is worth it.

The right Massage Therapist for you can be a little hard to discover so I believe in 'word of mouth' being the best guide. The other point when searching for a practitioner is their name not 'ABC Massage Studio', find the right person not the business.

Massage should be deep not hard, your sub conscious will lock up and protect you if the massage is too hard and the therapist will not be able to achieve a therapeutic level if you are wincing, pained or hurt. It takes at least 4 massages to get to the therapeutic stage so don't think one massage is going to fix all your aliments.

Physiotherapist, chiropractors and osteos are very good a diagnosis and fixing isolated areas on the body, massage will give the overall well being so I believe in using all modalities to keep my ageing body in the gym and not on the sidelines.

I hope this gives a little look into my thoughts as a 30+ year Massage Therapist.
I love chiro
Thank you once again @SILVERBACK LABS for your professional and quick turnaround time to get my order to me.
This site has been a great find for me🙏🏻


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