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Were You Stupid If You Believed The Liver King Was All Natural?: By Dylan Gemelli

This is an excellent video and I definitely agree with your view on it! Great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the lifestyle concept is credible but he hurts the entire cause by being a flaming hypocrite on so many counts.

i'm surprised about the blowback but after mobster said on the podcast that he danced shirtless at the queens funeral he deserves all the blowback and more. just another narc social media jerk with zero empathy for anyone else but himself and his spoiled family

but he is 1 of many. this industry is full of people like this and sadly it works for views
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Well done Dylan you showed a lot of wisdom there keep up the good work
liver king should be punished for ruining a good lifestyle with his drug addiction
Were You Stupid If You Believed The Liver King Was All Natural?

Great video as always bro!

I dont even care that he's on steroids to be honest. It still takes a ton of hard work and dedication to get a body like that, despite what those outside of the PED world seem to think.

It's the whole theatrics of his ancestral tenets bullshit and making people think he looks like that from eating bull nuts and raw liver, which he just happens to sell in pill and powder form.

So that's my issue with the whole thing. Use steroids all you want but don't go all in all your bullshit facade and get rich by scamming people.
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