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What do you think of this stack.

drop test dose to 300. run primo starting at 100 titrating up getting e2 levels checked to see if you need an AI (but id have one on hand). no need for EQ. anavar is fine but id lower the dose to 20-30 mgs daily. more is not better. when you take more you just get more sides and minimal benefits past a certain point (the point of diminishing returns lol).
Test Cyp 500 pw week 1-14
Primo 400pw week 3-14
EQ 400pw week 3-14
Anavar 50mg ED week 9-15
Test cypionate 500 pw 1-14
Primo 600 pw week 3-14
Turinabol 40mg ED week 1-5
Anavar 50mg ED week 9-15

Still fairly new to anabolics. I'm curious to hear your guys opinion. Do these stack well with eachother?... Also my goal isn't to gain a ton of mass. I would like to beef up a little and stay shredded. I also like to keep side effects to a minimum. I'm early 30s 6ft 215lbs diet is in check....for the most part. I train 4-5 days a week on top of having a very physical job.
I like the first one btr with the EQ
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