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What is the best crypto app that charges low transaction/trading fee

Is Exodus + Moony good option?

Please recommend
@champion always use private wallet so offline Exodus is right
but if you need an exchanger, depends on your country
I know coinbase is good, binance is good, probably biggest is Binance by far, easy to use
and there are many medium exchanges too
what country you in?
it's more important for Speedy transactions and transfers than it is to worry about saving a few bucks
trust me I've had stuck transactions before it's no fun
you shouldn't be paying more than three or four dollars to do a Bitcoin transaction
if you're paying more than that then you should look at a different app
check with the source that you're planning on using
a lot of them will definitely recommend who to use
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what experience do you have and what transaction fees have you been paying
I remember I used etherium one time and pay like $200 in fee no joke
different sources will have recommendations as to what you should use
if you're in the United States and coinbase is a good option but in other countries you might use binance
I’m in the USA and I use Coinbase and if you want to store currency, use a wallet, as Monstro said. I use metamask to keep nfts and or crypto currency for long periods of time. If I’m just shopping with naps though, I will use Coinbase to exchange currencies and then keep it in there and transfer to them after checkout.
Also, I pay with usdt because it doesn’t fluctuate as quickly as other crypto’s like Bitcoin. Hell, you could buy enough bitcoin for your purchase plus gas/transaction fees and by the time you go to pay for it, your crypto could be worth less than you need to buy. But I could be wrong about Bitcoin… I don’t watch it closely.
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