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what would you guys do, if you were 99% sure a board member goes to your gym.


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would you try to make contact to maybe have a evo brothers support in real life? or do you think it would be rude, and uncalled for outing someone in person, because you know them and their avi through evo.
I've already had this happen. I've had guys come right up to me and introduce themselves cause they have seen my vids or articles.

I have a different point of view on this subject.. my view is I always tell guys when you argue with people on these forums and bash/flame others that person you attack could be the dude the next day you ask for a spot when you are trying to hit a new PR. that is why it is a beautiful thing when you see people working together on the forums to share knowledge and at the gym at helping each other.

some guys at the gym are pricks who think they own the gym, and they need to be put in their place when that happens.. I always tell the pricks who are like that they do not pay my gym membership so if they don't let another person work in or they hog something up they are in the wrong. I see this happen a lot with idiots who use the bench press to do steps or curls when all the benches are used up or who use the squat rack to do curls or shrugs... its fine when the gym is empty but when you see others waiting then you can go do your fucking curls somewhere else.
I am such a private person. I wear many hats in my life and I keep each one of them separate. I'm not rude...but I certainly am not a big talker at the I think I would just keep it to myself. Again I am overly private.

Honestly, that's why I like evo so much because I can discuss my lifestyle openly. I'm not sure the pta, my husbands business affiliates, mom groups, my family etc would be open or care to discuss my training, diet or ped use. Ya know?!
I would go up and introduce yourself. I have people come up to me all the time saying that they watch my Youtube videos or recognize me from the EVO board. My current training partner James actually sent me a PM when I announced I was moving to Winnipeg introducing himself and asked if I wanted to get a workout in some time.

Bodybuilding is a niche sport. You will probably develop a great friend out of it.
I would do nothing unless the person is open on Evo. Like muskate has YouTube and pics so probably not as bothered. But if the person is going out of their way to be private then I would leave it be.

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To add to all this....
If anyone is in Texas - (Houston/Spring area) let me know if y'all want to get together cause I would love to workout with someone different and see what I can learn from someone else.

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If the person seems friendly and ready for contact, I would approach and introduce myself. It would be very interesting to see someone in real life after knowing him here on the boards. It is extremely interesting to see the possible differences, and expectations based on what you read here.
i would say whats up bro? if you say anything about me using gear all expose ur ass too lol
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