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When to take Tbol


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I start my first "cycle" EVER next week. 40 mg Tbol per day for six weeks along w 200 mg test cyp per week. I'll be taking one dose in the a.m. and one in the p.m.

- Should I take it w food or doesn't it matter?
- I have read (I don't think on here) that it shouldn't be take at the same time as liver supplements. Is there any truth to that?

Thank you!!
Tbol is the only oral I take once a day in the morning. Has a long half life. But each to there own.
I like to take orals pre workout because you have the injectables during all day
Doesn’t matter. Some folks get an upset stomach when taking on an empty stomach. Not me. Just take them at a time you won’t forget, which for me is first thing in the AM. And no need to dose tbol twice a day. Once a day is fine due to its longer half life. Do you have your liver/organ supports?
I split mine 20mg in the morning and 20 in the evening but that's just my preference. It has a long enough half life that you'd be ok taking in once a day.

I think you're at a great dose with 40mg. Some people tried to talk me in to 60mg my first time but I saw great results on 40 and had no noticeable sides
there's no need to split tbol... i dont even split anavar or winstrol.. ive tried both ways and have not noticed one inkling of a difference either way...

i would wait 3-4 hours to take orals after you've taken any supports... i cant prove a lot there on science, but i can tell ive seen the problem many times over the past decade and that was generally always a fix so by hands on experience, ive seen it way too many times to go against it....
Just am/pm is good enough. It doesn't have to be super to the minute. I would increase your test dose though. You are only going to be shutting yourself down to replace it with slightly more than you would have made on your own. I would do a minimum of 350mg per week.
Once a day is all you need. Doesmt matter if its with food or not, ajd take it at least 2 to 3 hours away from support supplements
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