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women love guys on steroids !!

I get pussy all the time and I'm natural. the real secret here is I take crystal meth as a supplement. Granted, all the ladies I attract are addicted to methamphetamine and I give them some for free. But I like to think it's the size of my penis (a whopping 13 inches) that keeps 'em coming back. Bonus they got no teeth so win-win I guess.
I was not expecting this comment 😂😂
bro women love guys who are on tren. no doubt about it
i get laid A LOT. but get laid more on tren. that a fact 100%
Trenbolone is definitely the one. I get girls without it but when I’m on I’ll notice them more aggressive/persistent, like minding your business then you’ll catch a girl doing anything to get your attention type stuff
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