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Worst steroids for bad attitude

What is up clowns? I’m a tough guy Italian from Long Island. I’m 5’6’’ 210 pounds and thick, even down there lol.
I'm the type of guy who's going to tell it how it is even if that makes me a bad guy with a nasty attitude. If you don’t like it then pound sand you snowflakes.
I know steroids aren’t good for people who have tempers and are aggressive
I don't want to end up in prison. which steroids would you say would be the worst for someone like me?

obviously a troll but anything androgenic is what you want to avoid. those would include trenbolone, mibolerone tablets (aka cheque drops if its the liquid), anadrol, halotestin. if youve never done steroids, start with test. after a full year consider stacking. first stack imo is easily EQ.
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