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Wouldn’t recommend


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I honestly wouldn't recommend steroids usa. They are a crappy source
I’ve been on their testosterone propionate for 3 weeks. this stuff should have kicked in by now I would think. not feeling a thing. in fact my libido has dropped on it and I'm using 500 mg a week. I decided to up it to 1,000 mg a week to see if I start feeling anything over the next week but so far I would say this is really crappy gear
steroids-usa is as reliable as a scammer can be
can someone tell me how keeps getting business with all the bad reviews?
it is very important to utilize the review sections on the forums along with user feedback threads, progress pictures and more to help ensure you make the best decision... my best experiences have always come with !
Shit they was on my list as a potential source. Thankfully went with napsgear

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can someone tell me how keeps getting business with all the bad reviews?

Bro, they most likely use shills. It's a science with these scammers all over the web. On the other hand, they may sell a combo of legit and bunk gear like many other sources.
[FONT=&quot]I would be extremely careful with sources that are not well known or reviewed. You can alleviate all concerns by using TRUSTED sources and there are none more trusted than !![/FONT]
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