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X-Factor results

I took X-Factor when I was 17 and had AWESOME results!!!!!

Lol I'm being sarcastic because although I did take it..I also was 15 or 16...ran my first real bulk where I took advanced lifters advice and ate a SHIT LOAD...literally. 7-8 meals a day, got on a solid lifting regimen hitting it 5-6 days a week. I was also at a Military Academy so I had a perfect sleep cycle, and plenty of PT. depends how you look at it bro...but I did put on 20lbs...and I did take x-factor...but my lifting partner had the same results without x-factor.
it has mixed reviews but by looking at the ingredient profile, i don't see it being anything special at all... i think that the gains would be minimal from its use... you have far better options out there than that bro...

have you looked at the new gk pro hormone line? they are far more complete and extensive with extreme results... depending upon your main goal, i can make a recommendation on which one to choose but you will find that they are unmatched by any other product out there...
have no clue about it man. stick to proven things, supps that have been around a while. Too many come n go so quickly.
this product is nothing special.If you are ready for them, look into the prohormones sold at
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