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Xat Log - RAD-140 + MK-677 !Fire UP!

I was using this diet while low bf. Maybe you're right about that with this BF I shouldn't use high carb instead of med with higher fats.

So I will change diet to this:

Kcal: P: C: F:
2700 250 200 100

Omega3, right I ll add. But prefer to just eat a fatty fishes.

Potato ll ba changed for Sweet Potato. - I LIKE POTATO lol.

So sample diet I see like a:

Quaker Oats - Quaker Rolled Oats, 60 g
SFD - WPC 80 Pure Protein, 30 g
Blueberries, 25 g
Go On! - 100% Peanut Butter, 15 g
447 48 14 36 9

Morning Snack
Pilos - Skyr, 330 g
Mixed Nuts, unsalted, 25 g
358 18 15 41 2

Chicken breast, raw, skinless, 250 g
Sweet Potato, 200 gram
Broccoli, 100 g
Olive Oil, 10 gram(s)
593 48 17 62 9

Middle-Day Snack
Mixed Nuts, unsalted, 50 g
Myprotein - Omega 3, 3 Capsule
332 11 30 10 4

Afternoon Snack
Banana, 1 medium
SFD - WPC 80 Pure Protein, 35 g
237 29 1 29 3

Barilla - Barilla, 60 g
Mutti - Pizza Sauce Aromática, 150 g
Land - Parmezan, 30 g
Loblaws - Extra Lean Minced Turkey, 250 g
748 53 29 68 4

Kcal: 2,715
Carb: 207g
Fat: 106g
Protein: 246g
Fiber: 31g

I'am not sure about Carb Cycling, I like simple schedule with same calories every day and make Diet Breaks etc.
But I will decided, what you suggest guys with calories and macro here to best results?

______________ UPDATE_______________
3rd night dose of 20mg MK-677

Yyy I slept like a dead moron, can't even wake up lol.
RAD-140 loading up, more aggresive, feel good, any sides. Feel fuller for sure.

Morning Weight: 92kg. - stable
What curious? Waist -1cm so we have now 87-86cm.

Yesterday just cardio session at morning 40 mins. (I fucked up with workout cuz, I can pass only one time to gym daily...).
Today ll be Chest&Back session. I ll post at evening a poundages.

Still thinking about adding Cardarine, what you think guys, it's worth it to add to this stack or wait until next one?

I like your carbs are coming closer to 200, try to get it to around 100 grams of carbs.

cardarine 100% add some cardarine 20mgs ed split dose now.
bros so dont do 100grams try 150grams to start

It' sounds radically.
Ok I will again re-change diet schedule today and ll post it here.

Ok, done it, now looks like:

Yesterday took 20mg of MK-677 before training.
Just hungry like a stoned after lol, ended with 3.2k kcal at end of the day haha. Never again, ever ll take before sleep.

Training is also not good for me. I like more my old PPL. Which is:

1. Bench Press 3x8-10 - 70kg/70kg/70kg
2. Machine Shoulder Press 3x12 - 30kg/30kg/30kg
3. Dips 3x15
4. Eccentric Skullcrushers 3x10 - 25kg/25kg/25kg
5. Egyptian Lateral Raise 3x12+MYO - 5kg/5kg/5kg
6. Cable Triceps Kickback 3x20 - 2.5kg/2.5kg/2.5kg (very slow motion and max tension)

1. Pull Up 3x6
2. Seated Cable Row 3x12 - 35kg/35kk/35kg
3. Cable Pullover 3x15 - 20kg/20kg/20kg
4. Hammer Curl 3x8 - 17.5kg/17.5kg/17.5kg
5. Incline Dumbbell Curl 2x15 - 10kg/10kg

1. Overhead Press 4x6 - 45kg/45kg/45kg
2. Close-Grip Bench Press 3x10 - 55kg/55kg/55kg
3. Cable Crossover 3x12 - 10kg/10kg/10kg
4. Overhead Cable Triceps Extension 3x12 - 23.5kg/23.5kg/23.5kg
5. Laterial Raise 21's 3x - 7.5kg/7.5kg/7.5kg

1. Lat Pulldown 3x12 - 70kg/70kg/70kg
2. Chest-Supported Row 3x12 - 30kg/30kg/30kg (on side)
3. Facepull 3x15 - 7.5kg/7.5kg/7.5kg (very slow)
4. Reverse Pec Dec 2x15 - 20kg/20kg
5. Pronated Curl 3x10 - 10kg/10kg/10kg

1. Deadlift 3x5 - 120kg/120kg/120kg
2. Ham Curl 3x12 - 60kg/60kg/60kg
3. Leg Press 3x15 - 80kg/80kg/80kg
4. Leg Extension 3x12 - 40kg/40kg/40kg

So Cardarine...dear cardarine... Ll give it a try, order placed.
Mobster with all due respect I disagree. I think newbies should be changing training every 2-3 weeks for optimal gains and muscle fascia regrowth.

- - - Updated - - -

Cycling carbs increases gains and makes your body respond to refeeds and protein a lot more. This is a scientific fact.

- - - Updated - - -

As I said before, your diet is way off. High carbs and low fat, for your body now you need to cut carbs to 100grams of lower and up the fat to around 100 grams and up protein to 250grams.

potatoes need to go, raisins need to go, and omega 3 fats need to come in like fish oil liquid a few tbsp. per week.

With all due respect (plus it's a great topic for discussion - maybe a new thread?) I'll debate it with you.

I think we can both agree that the gains newbies make are among the best that any of us make. Same as with our first PED cycle. It makes NO sense to change something 2 weeks in (just after starting for example) if they are still making those gains. One reason why some trainees changed every 4-8 weeks was less science based and more based on two things:

1) The frequency of magazines being published. We had, more so back in the day, guys that didn't even look liked they trained (or used to but had stopped) but were great writers and who were literally asked to produce a new, for example, arm workout. So every four weeks you could, if you wanted, do something different. But science based? No

2) In a word - boredom. Less physical stimuli and more mental.

Strength and conditioning coaches (more of these are getting qualified which is great) should argue it thus.

1) Is it still working? If so use it until it doesn't. And that's 100% not limited to 2 weeks. Millions of trainees are proof of that.
2) Many such coaches, working with athletes such as NFL pros, use a macro/mini cycle approach. They NEED these athletes rerady for a big game, end of the season and cycle athletes in and out of the team. These same athletes and their sports are mega-millions of dollars and they do NOT do 2 week mini-training cycles. 6 weeks is more typical.

The fascia thing relates to the pump and or muscle growth. The IDEA being that via stretching or pumping you make 'more room' for muscle growth. Why that is improved by changing a routine every 2 weeks... I'm not seeing it.

Here's what's far more likely - Personal Trainers letting clients feel like they're getting their moneys worth by constantly tweaking what they are doing. Thus 'showing' their expertise and value for money.

Bottom line - if something works do it until it doesn't. That's not gonna be an issue in 14 days.
Guys, so fucking problem with hunger. How to handle it? Any tips?

Also niples started itch.
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