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You have no Idea how awesome the forums are about to get guys



Guys just so you know the site is about to get a major overall of epic perportions and by the end of this month will be the most bad A$$ forum this industry has ever seen.

We are talking everything including up to but not limited too
personal FM radio mp3 player in your profile that plays for you well
you walk around site

a new currency that generates money for each member in hundreds of different ways. With this cash members can do everything from buy them self a mod account over a forum for a day to blacking out other members post.
or even O hell its just sick.. check it out

users will be able to use forum cash to do the following
Market Features:
(Additional Market Access Features Users Can Purchase
- Steal Protection
- Gift Market Access
- Stolen Point History
- Donation History
- Gambling Access
Coupon Access

User Title
- Custom User Title
- User Title Glow
- User Title Color
- Usertitle Strikethrough

- Purchase a Gift
- Create a Gift

User Permissions
- Primary Usergroup Change
- Secondary Usergroup Change

Username Permissions
- Change Username
- Username Color
- Username Glow
- Username Strikethrough

Forum Permissions
- Special Forum Access
- Forum Password Access
- Moderate a Forum
- Change Forum Description
- Create a Forum
- Create Smiley Category
- Upload Smiley
- Upload Avatar

Other Users
- Change Custom User Title
- Gift a Gift
- Donate to Another User
- Steal From a User
- Fire a Moderator
Change Avatar

- Post Font Bold
- Post Font Color
- Post Font Face
- Post Font Italics

- Sticky a Thread
- Delete a Thread
- Color a Thread
- Thread Strikethrough
Ban a User From A Thread
Bank & Paycheck Center
The Point Market version 3.1x series has done some extreme enhancements to how point banking is now handled.
Users have the classic ability to be able to use a bank to store two different point system currencies of the Administrators choosing.
These currencies are stored and can accumulate primary usergroup interest that is set during a specified time period by the Administrator.
Below is an exact list of Banking features.

Bank Features
- Store Two Currencies that are protected from all steal protection
- Allow for interest to be earned controlled by Administrators on a payout period
- Set minimum/maximum fees (usergroup controlled)
- Set minimum/maximum withdraw and deposit amounts (usergroup controlled)

A main change in the Point Market that makes it so different is the concept of receiving paychecks.
Many forums that use point systems want the ability to pay their staff or special usergroups with a paycheck to say thanks as a form of payment.
The Point Market gives you the ability to pay users on a specified period by the Administrator.
There best part about this paycheck feature is the Admin can choose two different amounts that a user can earn.
Admins can choose a set amount that is guarenteed during each pay period OR Administrators can choose for the user to earn a percentage of Point Market Forum Item Sales during a specified period that is defined by their primary usergroup.
This allows for staff to become almost salesman like within the Market and can also guarentee a fluxuating paycheck based off of activiity.

Virtual & Physical Online Store
Based off of user demands, the Point Market has created a store system that users can create virtual and physical items and sell it on the website with users using points to purchase these items.
Administrators can create an unlimited amount of store items.
These items have the ability to:

Store Features
- Purchase an unlimited products by the Admin
- Multiple shipping methods (Email, Mail, Downloadable, No Shipping)
- Control shipping costs if by Mail based off a user's Country
- Up to 5 screenshots uploaded by the Administrator that can be viewed
- Give detailed reviews of products purchased
- Rate products 1 to 5
- Control Quantity of available products
- Coupons Enabled

A designated Administrator will immediately be notified via Private Message of a purchase.
From there an Admin can enter the Admin Control Panel and choose to ship the product in whatever method the user chose.
A log of this purchase is also available for the user who can view it in their User Purchase history as well as the shipping status of the item.

Point Currency Converter
Sometimes you need to generate actual cash revenue.
Many users are willing to purchase points for money.
So what better way then to introduce a cash transaction center that will allow for the Administrator to set an amount to charge for a set amount of points?
This feature is supported via Paypal and allows for a great income method.

Furthermore some sites like to use more then two currency systems and the Point Market is designed to meet those needs.
Users can be able to select from a specified currency list by the Admin and change points from one system to the next at a fee chosen by the Administrator.
This is a pretty convinient method to use every point system possible and allow for user's main goal to be as active as possible so that they can adjust their points to their liking.

Virtual & Physical Online Store
Gambling these days are in high demand and the Point Market has set to address it.
The Point Market has created 3 seperate games to allow user's to gamble their points on multiplying their points.

Those 3 Games Are:
- Match The Card
- Higher Card
- Lottery

The Lottery has a built in expiration set by the Administrators and can also be used with coupons for discounts.
Massive jackpots can be set at a starting amount or at 0 and an adjustable charge price as well.
Administrators can also control the odds of the other two games.
Finally a powerful Administrative backend will allow for Admins to see information and statistics related to the lottery.

Other Administrative Features
The Point Market has a series of features in addition to the main 5 hacks that creates the Point Market.
The author truly believes the reason the Point Market is truly the best shop system is the easy Admin system combined with the powerful feature capabilities.

Below Are Some Of The Main Administrative Features:
- Advanced individual Administrative Access features (controlled by superadmin)
- Detailed Moderator/Supermoderator Control Panel (features controlled by superadmin)
- Informative statistics related to purchases & activity within the market
- History & Transaction log of all Forum Market Items
- Controllable Coupon creation with pages of advanced controls
- Maintenance section used for debugging purposes and serious updates
- Detailed Gift/Ribbon/Award section
- Banking paycheck creation & transaction history

Virtual & Physical Online Store
1) vBExperience (Point Market v3.0+)
2) uCash
3) vBookie
4) vBCredits 1.5x Gold (vb4)
5) vBCredits Deluxe II
6) vBActivity

Integration With Other Mods
This hack has been intended to be integrated with a 3rd party point system.
You can choose to either use a hack added on or write your own point system.
The hack is dependent on the user table having a point/credit/cash field within the user control panel.
Please note that vBExperience will only work with the Point Market version 3x series.

In addition if you do not want to integrate this hack directly with another point system.
You can still install this hack and use the reputation field which will allow user's to purchase items based off of their reputation.
I suggest if you choose this option that you set all prices to not include any decimals as it will be useless and cause unwanted errors.

Admin Features:
- Turn Point Market On/Off
- Detailed Usergroup Permissions
- Setup Lottery for Users to Buy
- View transaction history of all purchases (Store, Forum, Currency Converter)
- Setup and Create Unlimited Forum Products
- Enter Shipping information on products sold
- Setup Administrator/Moderator control panel options
- Detailed Mod Panel

Not only will I allow people to buy products from the vb store but I am also going to go as phucking far as to give your points a real damn cash value

Yes you heard that right the points can also be redeamed for real cash and a payout system will be put into place. Yes people can and will be able to get real damn cash for being a active member of this forum. If course points when used for cash pay outs will be worth a fraction of what they are worth if you use them to buy something from the vb store or buy some of the futures you can use on the site... Lets say a 15.00 bag of protein bars cost 100,000 points. Making it so that every 10,000 points is worth a dollar which is about around what we will be doing depending on how the point system works once we put it into place.

Well then we will set it so that every 100,000 points is worth a real cash dollar amount. making money spent at the vb store worth 100 times more then if you cashed it out for cash... I think will make it so that cash spent at the store is worth 1000 times more then cashing your points out for money... However the option to cash out points for real cash will be a option thus making it so that work,and or fun on this site is giving people real cash...

we will be adding a bookie section to the forum that will be intergrated into this points/cash system too. ^^^^^ posting and doing anything on this site will be worth real money. we will be putting the VB store back up and I will once again be allowing posters to buy real products with there site cash.... I will also be adding things to the store as soon as it goes up like mp3 players, laptops, iphones and more.

will be adding a program that makes it so when ever a mod changes some ones post, moves it or does anything at all to anyones post or threads the system auto sends them a pm about it

NOW we will also have a system that forces members to read the rules of a forum before they can see that forum. When they click on the forum for the very first time the system will auto send them to the rules and keep them there till they have clicked that they have read the rules lol

slid shows of members galories

we will have the battle pets system or we mite not however
we will have a new system as well that is a RPG game in which each user here is the charictor in the game . your account fights against other users in hand to hand combat , You upgrade your self with different weapons, armor, spells and other ****.

We will be completely I-Phone and android compatible and have apps up the ass for both.

Facebook,myspace,twitter integrated in a way that will make your eyes pop and heads spin... All of which you can turn off and on at will.
to the point that if some one post a update or msg on your face book you will see it on your screen where ever you are here on ntbm . This will be
user operated and no one can see your up dates but you. Although in your profile or even next to your post people will have the option to not only
post a reply to your thread and or your post. But also give you a persinal facebook/myspace/black berry or even a text msg when they do so that you know about it...

You will also be able to set your profile up to send you emails or even text msg when ever anyone post in any threads that you have deemed worthy of the site doing so...

now on the battle cries forum I am going to set up a sub forum for extremely important events that need every ones attention right away. When I post in this sub forum it will be manditory that all of you have it set to send you a text msg to your phones. this will only be used in extreme emergencies of course but it will be used and it will be mando

Now when the news letters go out it will be also posted as new content on our forums to help give better page and google ranks..

wordpress blog integration. yu will be able to integrate your blogs if you have one with the forums in many different ways. Something some of you may want to do and then set a affilate program up on your blogs. I will allow you to advertise and sell non NTBM programs if your blog integration brings good content to my site.

invitation system. will allow you to send people emails, face book updates, pm people on other sites and more all with the click of a button and send them a invitation to this site. if they come you get points. there name is also added to your profile on a list and your name is added to theres as who invited them...

new forum stats tracker

Thread, blog, forum:
- Latest Post
- 9 Latest Post custom
- Hostest thread
- Most viewed thread
- Latest News
- Top Forum
- Latest Class Ads
- Latest Blog (Entry)
- Latest Blog Comment
- Most viewed Entry
- Hottest Entry

- Newest Member
- Top Starter
- Top Referrer
- Top Reputation
- Top thanked
- Top Richest
- Top Bloger

and more will be tracked and a place on the forum for everyone to vew these stats... most likely we will have a whole new look to the forums home page and these stats will be displayed on the homepage as well as a hell of a lot more on the home page. Like the latest or last email to go out or last news letter to go out will be displayed on the front page. the latest NTBM blog entry on the forums home page, newest product to be added to the store will be displayed on home page.

the members list you see at the bottom of the forum now will change
to something more like this

showing the site admins and there profiles, the mods, then top posters and different sh*t like that...

NTBM logo will be the back ground for the forums.. We will also have a NTBM logo as the background behind the reply box will look sick guys

no longer says Vbullitin at the bottom of site will say powered by so the site will be ours not vb's

New skin and stile to everything that will look way better, new logo's that will be centered and or will look like its meant to be there not all ****ty like it does now.

paid users will have hundreds of new options
second user title
option to put there own background behind all of there own post
background pics behind there avis as well as bigger aves
the search we have now everyone will have but the paid users will have a search function that is 100000 times better wllowing them to pin point anything they need in a new searchability function that has never before been seen on any forum till now.. allowing them to select the user,the forum, the date and even time it was posted, key words and or phrases in the title in the post and even right down to searching for threads that have a key word in a specific post number. Allowing them to search threw only threads with a set amount of views , or threads and or post that have been thanked a set amount of times any damn thing you can think of they will be able to pin point it like being able to find a needle in a hey stack within seconds guys...

There will also be different pages set up on the forums. Pages with content that I choice. Pages that are Articles, or pages that have the "deal of the month , sale of the month or discount code of the month"
maybe even a trusted Needtogetaas source listing page

these pages will have a link to them at the top of the forum but only paid members will be able to see the link to the pages or access them.

A system that allows you the members to make your own pages just like the pages above only the page will be added to a spot in your profile. When some one clicks on your page link that you created it will take that person to a payment page telling them they must pay you through paypal in order to see your page. This will allow you the users to charge for any kind of writing you do, list you make, female members booby picks what ever.

it will give you a spot in your profile to write ads for that page explaining what the member will get if they pay you for the right to see that page...
this option will only be given to paid members of course

Our site mods,staff,admins will have way way more options and abilities as well way more ways to watch over members and work with them.

Paid users will have a new collum in the scroll bar and a new button at the top of the forum next to new post it will say " MY POST" and then "MY threads" allowing them to access every thread and or post they ever made at the touch of a button...

post new thread, post new post buttons will be added all over the place. on your post in the threads, top and bottom of forums, in your profile and more. Making it super fast as hell for you to make a new thread or post from anywhere on the site

Self destructing pm's
Paid members mods, reps will also now have the self destruct option for the pm;s they send. When you click this option and send a pm this way. The person who gets the pm can not click away from your pm until they have clicked a box that says they have read the pm. Once they click the box and then navigates away from your pm. That pm Auto deletes its self from the system on both your end and there end. "everyone loves privicy and safety right. and the ability to make sure ones tracks are covered bwhwhwhwhw" people will phucking love this I know I will

Rep team , mod rosters. There will now be a place on the site that has a user account roster list that only the people on that team or roster can see. You will be able to click your rep group lets say the anabolicminds rep group.. When you click that groups roster it will then display everyone on that roster, there position on the roster ( aka head rep, squad leader so on) As well as if they are on line "like really on this site or not" . It will also be able to put notes next to each person. Head reps can assign notes like
this rep is good or bad at this and that, needs to improve this or that
. It is a way to know who on your team is where on this forum if they are on it..

The same system will also be a "tracker system" Each and every rep team for each forum will be tracked through the same system now. ME, ANGEL.SBT,and Hurricane will now have a log in the admin back office.

This log will allow us to pick a team any team. lets say the anabolicminds team again... we click on that team and a statistics log will pop up.. this new lovely son of a b*tch takes all the work out of it for us its so great...

It will then give us a statistics log of your team. It will show us everyone on your team from the forum head rep down to the little level 1 reps. Will show us what level they are. Then tell us all your activity on the main rep forums as well as your assigned rep forum. How many times each one of you logged in and out of these forums, if you posted in them, what you posted in them, how many post you made, it will also give us a "time sheet" telling us how much time you did or did not spend in these forums and so much much more.. Will be able to assing it so that it also tracks who has or has not posted "links" in your assigned product of the month forums. It will tell us who did or did not post the links that I have been phucking asking for and it will tell me each person and how many links that person did or did not post...

I will be able to use this very same system to track the mods and the work they do.

What else will this system due that can reword all of you as well as the mods you say????

Well with the same system I can assign any and everything a allotted amount of points or NTBM forum cash ( again remember this is worth real damn cash now , real money and or real products and features to spend it on) Everything you do all the work you do in the rep forum and all the work the mods do on the site will be worth a set amount... It will auto calculate everything each one of the reps and mods do every month and keep a log of it. Any time I want to see the log to cach some one doing funy **** and ban them for trying to trick the system I can..

But also at the end of the month it will calculate all the work you do and mods do and then auto send you a paycheck to your account lol.. So every mod on this site will then become a paid staff in a way... This is my thank you to all the people helping me..

I can and will set it so that only 100.00 in cash payout can be exchanged a month per user. just in case some one ever gets to that point which some of my mods like mell prob will quickly.. They can use there points to buy up all kinds of stuff in the store but also to get a cash pay out if they want to...

Yes I will be adding a lot of different things to the vb store like every product sold at ntbm,,rls, as well as other real life items ie computers,iphones,laptops, purses, MP3 players, radios , gift cards to stores and restaurants , and much more. I am even going to go to other supplement companies and work out deals with them . The vb store will display ( at random) a Item of the VB store on the home page of the forum.. This can be great brand advertising a for other companies and I do not mind giving them a bit of advertising in exchange to give my forum users a broader selection of things to get for being a active member of the site...

I will also have all the sponsors add products to the vb-store as well. I am going to make it a part of sponsorship fees bwahahaaaaaaa ya....

autolink system that is twice as advanced as the one we have now. Allowing me to pick up affilate programs and make more money!!!!!!!!!

spam blocking systems up the ass.

NTBM water marks on any and all pics posted on the site

and in the store will have a new look as well ass

the abilty to tell a friend about the NTBM store throug your user account on the store and when you do if that person buys anything you get NTBM credits for that sale and every sale they buy for a few months...

Will be giving customers rewords or different tears. IE the longer you are a customer and the more you buy the more discounts you get...

so much much more...guys

Sounds AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]
This will be incredible! Using points for cash/products will certainly encourage participation!

Looking forward to the goodness this will bring!
This is just beyond nuts...crazy, crazy awesome stuff, Nate.
That looks amazing
Scary thing of it all, Nate typed up this entire thread while maintaining a conversation with me on the phone.

whoa hurt my eyes to read all that lol, ALOT of changes!
This is EXACTLY what we need, I was only thinking of a tuneup not a total overhaul! I am pumped to see what this is going to look like. What is the timeframe for the changes?
I think we need more games in the game room!! I am bored.
Now this is sounding quite awesome :D :D :D

Was a helluva long read, I just got off work. Why you gotta do that bro :D

An interactive way for people with Xbox360 and PS3 to get together would rock. Half of us gymrats are also gaming addicts anymore. Freaky hybrids of two worlds.
all of this new stuff sounds totally awesome!!!
lol, my last visit date says May 13th..I could have sworn I was on earlier.

Okay, excited. When are we to expect the changes?
Love all these changes to come! And especially for me at least, to have the site be android and iphone friendly!! about time!!
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