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Trenbolone and Masteron Geneza Pharma


Steve and Mobster join together to bring you another Evo Underground podcast.  In this #15 podcast, the guys talk about two of the most popular anabolic steroids out there, which are Trenbolone and Masteron.

They also talk about one of the most popular steroid brands in the world, which is Geneza Pharmaceuticals.

Why Geneza Pharmaceuticals?

Mobster starts the show off by explaining that Geneza Pharmaceuticals has positive feedback all over the place from all kinds of people.  He also says that many customers report that their products are overdosed, and that is likely due to the customer being used to using poor-quality steroids.  So when they use the Geneza brand it's like night and day.

Why Trenbolone?

Steve talks about why Trenbolone is such a potent weapon when it comes to steroidsOn paper, Tren is 5x more anabolic and 5x more androgenic than straight testosterone.  Steve calls Tren "The Nectar of the Gods" and he finds it mandatory to be used in bodybuilding if you want to keep up with your peers at the gym or on stage. It is a great steroid to break plateaus, which will allow you to reach fitness goals that you could have never done without it.

Tren is the king of steroids for several reasons, but the main reason is that it is a potent nutrient partitioner.  Even though this is gonna lead to incredible gains especially if your training and diet are on point, it is also why if you are on it you might feel fatigued and have trouble sleeping.  Steve gives  simple tips to deal with Tren's sides.

  1. Do NOT fast while on Tren, but do some fasting before the cycle to cleanse, lower inflammation and recycle cells.
  2. Spread healthy carbohydrates (brown rice, fruit, sweet potato, raw honey) out on Tren throughout the day and especially around workouts.
  3. Do NOT abuse tren. Keep your cycles under 10 weeks and do not use them over and over.
  4. Wait till you have 5-6 cycles under your belt before using Tren.

Mobster chimes in and compares using Trenbolone on your first cycle to learning to swim by jumping into a deep ocean full of sharks, or driving a sports car as a teenager.  It will not end well.

Which type of Trenbolone to use?

Geneza Pharma has 2 really good options for injectable Trenbolone.

  1. GP Tren Acetate 100mgs/ml 10ML vial
  2. GP Tren Enanthate 200mgs/ml 10ML vial

The advantage of the first option is you get more flexibility since it is in and out of your system quicker.  The advantage of the 2nd option is you don't have to inject as much.

Steve says the first option is for someone who is new to Tren or someone who doesn't mind injecting more often.  It will also be out of your system quickly if you cannot deal with the side effects.

Why Masteron?

Steve starts the Masteron segment by reminding people that it is a pure DHT (dihydrotestosterone) derivative structurally.  This makes it a wonderful cosmetic addition to this cycle which is aided by the fact it cannot aromatize into estrogen.  It won't do much of anything by itself, and that is due to it being a very mild anabolic and virtually no androgenic effect.

Steve says if you want to get the most out of Masteron it is a good idea to stack it with an androgen because this creates wonderful synergy, along with it doing a good job of binding to SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin).  By dropping SHBG in the body, it will increase the effects of the other steroids you are running in the cycle, which in this case is the Trenbolone working even stronger.

Mobster's advice on using Masteron is you have to be lean because there is no point in hardening a muscle covered up by fat.

Some of the main side effects of Masteron are going to be due to its DHT properties. The main one is going to be some head hair loss, which is a worry especially since you are stacking it with Tren.  The other issue is prostate enlargement, which is going to happen with most anabolic steroids.

Mobster goes over the 2 great choices that Geneza Pharma has produced for sale.

  1. GP Mast Prop 100mgs/ml 10ML vial
  2. GP Mast Enanthate 200mgs/ml 10ML vial

He says the difference between the two is choosing between a shorter vs. longer ester and it boils down to how much pinning you are willing to do, and also how flexible you want the cycle to be where you can start and stop it.

How to stack Trenbolone and Masteron

Steve starts this segment by making an important point about how stacking steroids correctly can make or break a cycle.

He says that a normal dose of Trenbolone is 200-400mgs per weekHowever, those that are at an elite level of bodybuilding have been known to run 1000mgs per week or more. Steve says that 99% of you should stick to the average dose of around 300mgs per week because this allows you to keep your sides to a minimum.

As far as the Masteron dosage, Steve says an average dose is 500mgs a week, which is enough to get harder muscles.  However, those at an elite level have been known to run over 1000mgs a week.

Final tips

The guys have some final tips on the podcast so you can get the most out of your cycle.

  1. Mixing your two steroids in the same syringe will help cut down on the number of injections.
  2. Do a nice prolonged fast before you start the cycle, this will help decrease insulin resistance, recycle cells, rejuvenate stem cells in the gut, balance cholesterol and improve your organ health.
  3. Do a lot of cardio before you start the cycle to boost your conditioning and heart health.
  4. Don't go into the cycle with high body fat.
  5. Have a plan for dealing with the side effects on the cycle.

Following these tips can help you get more results and also cut down on unnecessary side effects.


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