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How to get Big Arms with Geneza Pharma?

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In this episode of Evolutionary Underground #24 - How to get Big Arms with Geneza Pharma, Steve and Mobster go over some strategies you can use to grow the biggest arms of your life.

What is Geneza Pharma?

Geneza Pharma, known as the "GP brand" is one of the best brands you will find worldwide. Steve says they have been around a long time and they are tried, tested, and approved by the most trusted guys in the industry.  They have the best anabolic steroids, ancillaries, on-cycle products, off-cycle, and post-cycle. Also, their prices are very fair.

A gym dealer is getting their gear from someone else in bulk, then he is trying to sell it to you for a small profit. He isn't gonna spend a penny having it tested to verify it is a legitimate product. In most cases, it's going to be dangerous to inject, or at best very underdosed or fake.

Geneza Pharma is made by actual professionals in an actual lab. It is tested BEFORE it is sold to customers, so you have the confidence to get all you can out of their products.

Mobster says he wants any brand he uses to have been around a long time, in an industry where it is difficult to stay in business longer than a year, and that has been used by professionals with consistency. That is why he loves Geneza Pharma.

Why do people love big arms?

Steve brings up the example of being out on a date and the person you are with being more attracted to you when you have nice arms.  When that person hugs you they will feel your arms and know you work out.   Abs are a wonderful thing, but unless you have no shirt on, people aren't going to see that.  But for arms, you can show them off with a nice T-shirt and he or she will know that you have a muscular body.

Mobster likes having big arms to be intimidating walking down the street. He also says when he dates women he will lock arms with her and she will feel safer with him and secure. Women like that a lot.

Steve also brings up the point of how the old school action movies always had their main actors showing off their arms.  It is one of the most impressive muscles to display to make a man ‘tough’ on screen.

Overall, having bigger arms will bring you more respect.


Dbol and Anadrol to build arms

Steve starts this segment with the fact that most of our muscles are made up of water. The number is over 70%!   So when it comes to adding water retention from anabolic steroids, it will result in your muscles getting bigger. GP Dianabol (Dbol) is the #1 steroid for water retention which will give you a fluffy look.  Steve says that in the golden age, guys loved to take a handful of Dianabol every day because they knew it worked well.  Today, a dosage of 10-30mgs a day is all you need to get great arm results from Dbol, and some guys even push 50mgs a day.

The pumps you will get from Dbol are amazing, and Mobster loves doing drop sets on arm day to get a nice pump going and walking out of the gym feeling great.

The next wet steroid is GP Anadrol.  Unlike Dbol, Anadrol does not aromatize to cause water retention because it is a DHT derivative.  Rather, it binds to estrogen which will cause an amazing combination of size and hardness when used correctly.  A dosage of 25-50mgs a day, for 4-5 weeks, can yield amazing results and pumps if you are after something more than just a fluffy look.  However, the side effects can get tricky so be careful using Anadrol (A-bombs).

Testosterone options

GP Testosterone,  and Testosterone blends such as GP Sustanon, are injectables that also are classified as wet steroids.  They are very good at increasing strength and mass especially when used at a moderate dosage of 250mgs or more per week. Some guys will run up to 750mgs to even 1000mgs per week.

Overall, when using any wet compound it is advised to use or have on hand a good aromatase inhibitor such as aromasin or Arimidex.  Geneza Pharma has great AIs too.

Deca and Nandrolones

There are 2 Nandrolone options from Geneza Pharma. They are GP Deca and GP NPP. The difference between the two is the esters attached, Deca being a longer ester and NPP being a shorter ester.

Mobster and many old-school bodybuilders love Nandrolone for building arms, because it is great at increasing appetite and building high-quality slow muscle gains that are keepable.  A dosage of 200-500mgs a week is a typical dose.  Steve also says that he recommends using a DHT derivative with it, to provide balance to the cycle, such as GP Proviron 25mgs a day.

Training tips on steroids

Mobster starts the segment by teaching people that a huge part of your arms are the triceps.  Heavy press downs and skull crushers are exercises which will help activate growth in the arms. When it comes to biceps he loves splitting his workouts, doing extremely heavy weights with hammer curls over 100kilos, and another workout where he does lower weight with strict form with squeezing.

Steve chimes in and says the secret to his big arms is his love for gymnastics, monkey bars, and pull-ups. He says that by getting good at those you will force your arms to grow, especially on cycle.

Diet tips

The guys finish the show by talking about diet and giving some tips.  Mobster says that you will not get big arms 'eating like a bird or squirrel'. He says you must eat big to get big.

Steve gets more specific by giving examples of muscle-building foods. His favorites are sweet potatoes and brown rice for carbs, bone broth for protein, and raw nuts and whole-pastured eggs for fats.  You will not grow quality arms by consuming junk food or fast food.


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