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Geneza Winstrol and Trenbolone



Welcome to the Evolutionary Underground podcast episode #12 with Ricky V Rock and Steve Smith.
In this episode, the guys lean into some hardcore information on Winstrol and Trenbolone. These incredible compounds are two of the most popular anabolic steroids for bodybuilders and gym rats, however, not everyone uses the same types. For example, there are Winstrol injectables and Winstrol orals. With Trenbolone, it has different strengths and esters, and also there is a Trenbolone oral.

Trenbolone uniqueness


Steve gets into why Trenbolone is very unique vs. other anabolic steroids and is dubbed the 'relationship killer'. His theory as to why this happens is mostly mental, however, there are some physical reasons people want to 'explore sexually' while on Trenbolone, including how much confidence it makes you feel due to its dramatic effects on your strength and physique.
As far as mental changes, Trenbolone has effects on dopamine and other neurotransmitters in the brain, which may cause you to want to experiment sexually.

It also can take time and effort away from your career. There have been people who have just wanted to have sex, work out, and eat on Trenbolone where they neglect their jobs. Others have gotten themselves into fights and ended up in jail or prison due to its effects.


In terms of relationships, you may be very satisfied in a monogamous relationship before using Trenbolone, then once you use it you will want to explore your sexuality in other ways that you would have never done before. Overall, many people will notice you change as a person both physically and mentally when using this potent steroid, and that can drive your spouse crazy on its own.

Finally, Steve says he recommends trying it because it is a tremendous steroid, however, he also advises you to use it while single and realize what you are getting into.

Changes in how we acquire Trenbolone

The next segment is very interesting because Ricky gets into how getting a hold of Trenbolone has changed over the years. He says when he first got into steroids he could not even get Tren, because Parabolan from Negma France had been discontinued. So how did people manage to use it after that?

Trenbolone, the most famous steroid for amazing gains, meets Equipoise, the most misunderstood steroid. In this article, we'll be going over the facts on how and why you need to stack Tren and EQ; in addition, we'll cover the fine points of bulking vs. cutting cycles. Read more..

Ricky gets into a story about how a forum member named "Animal" came up with the idea to produce it from Finaplix-h cattle pellets via veterinarian sources. The original version wasn't filtered enough, which caused golfball-sized knots when you injected it. Demand drove better versions that were cleaner from China into Mexico from vet-grade sources which were licensed to sell it.

Today we are lucky because there are legitimate labs that are producing high-quality Trenbolone. Our favorite place to buy Trenbolone today is Geneza Pharmaceuticals (GP brand). Ricky finishes his thoughts by saying how important using top-notch Trenbolone is for your health and your progress.

Which tren ester is best?


Steve says one of the top questions he gets asked is which Trenbolone from Geneza pharma is best since there are many options. The two most popular versions of Tren are Trenbolone Acetate which is a 10ML per vial and 100mgs/ml, while their Trenbolone Enanthate comes in a 10ML per vial with 200mgs/ml.

Rick starts the show off with an oral-only cycle he likes to use for cutting down. He likes the Geneza Pharma Winstrol which is the Stan10's, and he likes the GP Oxan, which is the Geneza Oxandrolone. Read more..

The acetate is a shorter ester, while the enanthate is a longer ester. The enanthate has about a 10-12 day half-life while the acetate is about 1/3rd of that. So your injection schedule is going to be different. Acetate should be injected ED or EOD, while Enanthate you can inject once or twice a week.

So which one is best?


Steve says if you are new to Tren you should use acetate. He advises this because not only will it be in your system quicker, but more importantly, out of your system quickly when you stop injecting it. If your side effects get too bad you will be glad you are on acetate. If you want to use it longer and don't mind it in your system for 10 weeks then you should use enanthate.

Which dosage?

Steve says a minimum dosage of Trenbolone is 150mgs-200mgs per week, but more experienced users can run 350mgs-400mgs per week. High-level bodybuilders will run more, 500mgs-1200mgs a week.

What to stack with it?

Steve likes to stack Tren with a mild steroid such as Equipoise, Anavar, or Turinabol. He doesn't recommend a new user use a harsh steroid with Tren due to the side effects. All of those are also sold by Geneza Pharma and are of high quality.


Steve says that Tren is the 'nectar of the gods' when it comes to steroids, but needs to be respected.

Winstrol types

The next segment touches on the different types of Winstrol that Geneza Pharma has to offer. Everyone already knows about the oral version of Winstrol. GP has a 10mg and a 50mg oral version. The reason you might want to use the 10mg version is for females who want to use it. The other reason is males like to split the dose in the morning and evening, so they would take a couple in the morning and a couple in the evening that way. The other option with the 50mg version is you can run it just once a day or you can simply split it in half and take 25mgs 2x per day.

Winstrol or Stanozolol is an anabolic steroid used to get lean and hard, it's mainly used as an oral during cutting cycles to lose body fat. It's as variant of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), so you can expect similar fat loss benefits as you would with any other DHT derivative steroid. For most users, it's a cheaper alternative to anavar, and, of course, it's more available on the black market. Read more..


The other version of Winstrol you may have seen is an injectable version which is 50mgs/ml suspended in water. With this version, you can inject or drink the Winstrol and it works the same way. Steve recommends just drinking it and avoiding the hassle of injecting which can be painful.

How to dose Winstrol

Dosing Winstrol is simple.

A normal gym rat you can easily get great results on 25-50mgs a day.

A pro bodybuilder will run 75-150mgs a day to help dry them out ahead of the competition.

Steve says that Winstrol is one of the most mandatory steroids that pros must use to look their very best.

Is Winstrol right for you?

Steve has an interesting opinion on how someone is qualified to even bother with Winstrol. He says unless you are sub 11% body fat you might be wasting your time using it. He feels that if you are over 13% body fat you should cut down first, then you can most certainly use it. He says that there is no point in hardening up your muscles and getting that vascularity going if it's just covered up by fat in the first place. So he recommends to get your body fat as low as possible before you touch Winstrol.

It works great for recomping and cutting and will give you a body that you never imagined you could get. The downside of Winstrol is the hair risk and also the other side effects like liver strain.

Final thoughts on Winstrol

Ricky says that Winstrol will make you super dry and chiseled if you have low body fat and your diet is on point. He thinks 4-6 weeks is a good amount of time to use it, and he likes to use it towards the end of a cycle, in conjunction with cutting back calories and fasting to make you look shredded. He likes a dosage of 20-60mg a day, and he strongly recommends using liver support with it.

Desma (also known as Zambon) is the name of a Spanish manufacturer of winstrol (stanozolol). In fact, it is considered to be the top of the line winstrol that is pharma/human grade. Read more..

Can you combine Tren + Winstrol?

Steve says you can combine them but you need to be careful. He says that he tried it before and his head hair took a beating on that stack and he had other side effects like headaches that he never had issues with. He says that a lot of guys love stacking them who can handle the negative effects, and they will do 300mgs a week of GP Trenbolone and 50mg a day of GP Winstrol together.


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