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How to get 6-pack abs with Para Pharma?


Evolutionary.org presents Hardcore 2.0 Episode #16 with your hosts Steve and Mobster. In this special episode, the guys go over steroids and strategies on how to get 6-pack abs with Para Pharma!  If you ever wanted to take your shirt off at the beach and show off rock-hard abs then this is the podcast for you.

Why Para pharma

Para Pharma is a brand that has been around for over 12 years.  They have 45 products and 30 different APIs. They also have recent lab testing on those products which shows their potency. Steve says this is very important because most anabolic steroids being sold today are fake or underdosed.  He says the nice thing about Para Pharma is if you order Primobolan, you know you are getting Primobolan. If you order Anavar, you know you are getting Anavar.

Mobster says Para Pharma is one of the steroid user's top choices over the years on forums. He is very impressed by the labeling and quality of the products.  The things that Mobster likes for sources are reviews, the amount of time being around, and certificates of analysis on their products.  Para Pharma gets an A+ on all fronts, and best of all their prices are very fair.

Why do we love abs

Steve starts this segment with the word RESPECT.  He always respects people who have a 6-pack who are 35+ years old, because it is harder to accomplish that.  Steve says the abdominal muscles are one of the hardest muscles to work out because it is very uncomfortable due to the requirement to engage the core and be stable. Nobody likes stomach pain and we have been programmed our whole lives to view stomach pain as something to nurture, unlike other parts of our body, so we avoid working it hard.

Mobster says that more people should work their core and abs, and when people do that, it tells him they are very serious about training and they are putting the work in.

Best Para Pharma steroids

Mobster first reminds you that no steroid works without proper diet and training, so make sure you have that dialed in to give you the best chance to get those abs popping!

The first steroid they talk about is Mobsters favorite oral and that is Para Pharma Anavar.  The main reason it works well here is that it cannot put on any water weight, so you get dry weight.  He likes a simple 50mgs a day and to run it up to 8 weeks.  Steve says that if you use Anavar in a stack, you can run 20-30mgs a day and get away with it, but solo you should aim for 50-60mgs a day.  He also says that Anavar is one of the few steroids that do have some structural fat loss effects where you can notice belly fat loss on it.  Just make sure you buy real Anavar because it is the most highly faked oral steroid out there.

The next steroid is Primobolan, which is similar to Anavar because it is mild and heavily faked, so make sure you are using Para Pharma.  They have 2 options which are Primo100 and Primo200.  Steve says when he ran a 12-week cycle of Primobolan he asked his girlfriend at the time what she thought of his results and she said "You don't look bigger, but you look more cut" So that is what we want when focusing on being lean and having a 6pack.   The guys recommend running 400-700mgs per week and 12 weeks is a good sweet spot.

The next steroid is an oral called Para Pharma Turinabol Tbol.  It is a very highly regarded cutting steroid, and it was created by the East Germans to give them an athletic edge both for males and females.  It is great for cutting and hardening because it does not aromatize into estrogen and it is mildly anabolic.  You will make steady lean gains on it while keeping side effects low. This is why it's a great option for those who want to cut down with a lot of high-intensity cardio and workouts. Dose it 30-40mgs a day as a male and 5-10mgs as a female.

Equipoise is a very popular injectable cycle for bodybuilders who are looking for a mild/lean look.  You won't blow up on it which is perfect for those who want to use diet and cardio to drop body fat and get ripped.  It will not interfere with your cardio as other steroids will.  They like using it for 12 weeks at least and running it around 400-600mgs a week.

The next one is Masteron which is a great hardener, and Para Pharma has both a short ester Propionate and a longer ester Enanthate option. It is very important to already be lean before you run this steroid to get the best benefits out of it, otherwise, you will not be able to see those muscles.  Also, the guys recommended using it in a stack.  The dosage is 300-500mgs a week.

Trenbolone is the king of all steroids, and Steve says that some of you will run it and shred up even on a poor diet, that is how strong it is.  Tren is only for experienced users and you must make sure you are hydrating and spreading out carbs on it to avoid side effects. Steve recommends a dosage of 200-400mgs a week and stacking it with a mild steroid such as Tbol, Masteron, EQ, Anavar, or Primo.

Training and diet tips

Steve and Mobster finish the show by offering some interesting tips.

Mobster says to get creative to work your abs. Instead of just doing crunches all the time, try leg raises and vacuums.

Steve says that you can train your abs daily. He likes to hit 3 sets of weighted situps to failure, taking only 1 minute between sets.  Also, when he does pull-ups he likes to work the abs too by bringing the knees to your chest and exhausting them hard.

To finish off the show, Steve says if you want to get ripped you need to learn to be uncomfortable with hunger pains.  He says that people mistake being hungry with the body signaling you to go find food, there is a difference.  If you feel like you want to eat, then go for a walk and you will notice your hunger pains go away.  He also recommends eating in a time-restricted window to keep insulin levels down and to learn about fasting strategies.  Fasted cardio is also a huge weapon that forces your body to burn body fat for energy.


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