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Get Cut get Abs New Years Resolution Cycles – Euro Pharmacies


In this episode of Evolutionary.org Hardcore 2.0 Episode #8, Steve and 'Da Mobster' present a special episode on New Year's resolution cycles and getting abs, with the help of Euro Pharmacies gear.  Getting abs is what women and men go for.  Nothing is more embarrassing than going on a beach vacation and taking off your shirt and not having visible abs. On the flip side, there is nothing more enjoyable than taking off your shirt at the beach and having people staring at you.  Steve believes in having visible abs cause you never know who will be seeing your body, and Mobster believes in having a strong core.


Why Euro Pharmacies (EP) is the brand to get

Steve starts this segment by pointing out that if you get the wrong gear for cutting, it can result in you becoming a bloated mess.  He has seen guys run what they thought was a cutting cycle and end up with gynecomastia because they thought they were using Anavar or Winstrol, but they were using Dianabol. This happens because a lot of brands simply do not care about their customers and are too cheap and incompetent to test their stuff before selling it.

Mobster says you need an approved/trusted brand that has a long track record of putting out quality steroids. Euro Pharmacies has certificates of analysis that are independent and show 98%+ purity with their products, which shows they are honest. Their customer service is also excellent and always there to help you. This is why Mobster trusts the EP brand.

EP Cutting Mix plus 300

Euro Pharmacies has a nice blend product called EP Cutting Mix Plus 300.  This is a 300mgs combination of:

Trenbolone Acetate 100mgs

Drostanolone (Masteron) Propionate 100mgs

Testosterone Propionate 100mgs

It comes in a 10ML vial and the 300mgs is a perfect split of all 3 steroids.  The synergy of this stack is very good according to Steve because all 3 work off each other.   You can run 2-3CCs per week and it makes a very good recomposition cycle.

A lot of physique competitors that Steve has both trained and interviewed will use this stack, and it works very well at helping you cut down hard, while also increasing muscle mass at the same time.


EP Summer Cutting cycle

Even though this is a New Year's resolution show, you can still run this wonderful EP Summer cutting cycle if you want to show off those rock-hard abs. Mobster explains it's a blend of 20mgs of Winstrol and 30mgs of Anavar which is a 50mgs tablet.

Mobster recommends that before you start this cycle you do a 4-week 'runup' where you tidy up your diet, start working your abs hard, and increase your caloric burn with cardio.  After you do that prep then you can start the cycle and your body will be prepared to improve.

These two orals work well together to help make you leaner, meaner, and harder.  You can run them as high as 150mgs per day but most will do very well on just 50mgs.


Endurance stack

Steve likes the endurance stack for those of you who want to dial in your cardio in high frequency to turbocharge your metabolism and calorie burning.  EP has a product called Tbol 50 which is an injectable version of Turinabol. The advantage of using it, is that it is easier on your liver and is more bioavailable and faster.  Each CC is 50mgs so you can inject half a CC per day and get 25mgs of high-quality Tbol.

He likes to run a light dose of Testosterone with this cycle along with a low to moderate dose of Equipoise EP Boldenone.

Overall you can run it like this:

Tbol 25mgs per day

Equipoise 250-400mgs per week

Testosterone 100-150mgs per week

This stack works well for cardio because it will increase energy and endurance. Most other steroid stacks do the opposite. So feel free to do daily cardio on this stack and have no fear of doing long-distance training too.


EP Raid Cut Pro 350

Mobster does the final cycle of this podcast and presents one of his favorites called EP Rapid Cut Pro 350.

This stack is very similar to the stack Steve talked about earlier in this podcast but it has different dosages and also includes an extra dose of Testosterone Cypionate.  It contains:

75mgs each of Tren Ace, Mast Prop, Test Prop

125mg of Test Cyp

This is a great cycle for those who are good responders to Testosterone when it comes to cutting.  Some of you will be able to cut down simply by increasing the amount of Testosterone floating in your body, especially as you get older and natural levels of hormones start dropping.

Abdominal tricks and tips

Mobster brings up how stomach vacuuming has been used for decades.  He knows stories of how Joe Weider came out with a belt that you would wear and you would wear it all day and if you relax your abs it would buzz. This trained your body to keep the gut sucked in and would allow you to take 1 or 2 inches off your waist.

Another trick Mobster mentions are keeping your meals smaller because a big meal tends to cause a lot of stomach bloat. Also, eat a salad with your meal as green vegetables are very healthy for you.

Steve chimes in and says that many athletes train their abs daily, including many boxers and martial artists.  However, he recommends for weight training you train your abs on a training day at the end of a workout.  So if you train 4-5x a week then that is how often you should do them.  He likes to use a decline bench at the gym and do situps while holding either a ball or a weight to help make it more challenging.

Steve says it's also important to balance your ab work with back work too, otherwise you can develop imbalances.  So don't just work your abs and front muscles, don't forget to train your back too, and keep it strong.

Overall, combining diet, training, and steroids is a great way to get the abs you have always dreamed of going into the New Year.


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