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Get Ripped with Trenbolone and Anavar Geneza Pharma




Steve Smi (Steve Smith) is joined in this episode by his co-host Da Mobster to talk about a potent stack that they love for both strength and recomping. The stack in this episode that they are featuring is Trenbolone + Anavar by Geneza Pharma. Whether you are experienced with both these steroids, or this is your first time, you are going to want to listen closely to this one.

All about Trenbolone


Steve admits he may have used Trenbolone maybe a little too much in his past with a snicker. The bottom line is that Tren is a different animal than other steroids, he refers to it as "The Nectar of the Gods" and the "Golden steroid". When it came along, that is when pro bodybuilding transformed to the next level with the mass monsters that we’ve seen since the late 1980s.

Steve says that Trenbolone is now a top 4 used steroid in the 2020s and he expects it to stay that way for the near future. One of the reasons Tren is so potent is the way it is structured, where it is both 5X more anabolic and 5X more androgenic than straight Testosterone. In real life, anyone who has used Tren knows it is far stronger than any other of the major steroids available. You can expect major changes to your physique, and also many report mental and emotional changes as well.

Trenbolone works fast, so even if you use a longer ester of Tren it hits you hard and many guys cannot handle it properly. Both guys warn that Trenbolone blows any steroid away when it comes to side effects, and you should never go on a cycle when you have existing health or mental issues. If you are truly ready for Tren, then you will kick ass on it.

Geneza Pharma has 3 options for Tren.
1. Trenbolone Acetate 100mg/ml 10ML vials
2. Trenbolone Enanthate 200mgs/ml 10ML vials
3. Oral Trenbolone 250mcgs per tablet 100 tablet sachet
Geneza also has Trenbolone mixes such as Andromix which includes Testosterone and Masteron along with the Trenbolone.

All about Anavar


Mobster says he loves Anavar! He says one of the reasons he loves it is that he is already a huge guy so he doesn't want to get any bigger by adding a lot of mass. Anavar does not 'blow him up' like other steroids. He also says Anavar does not make him irritable and he feels good emotionally on it, while enjoying some great pumps in the gym. The only drawback he sees with using it is the price, but if you use Geneza Pharma it is very affordable.

Steve says that he loves Anavar stacked with Trenbolone. The only 2 things he would caution to remember when using it is that it is liver toxic as a 17AA oral steroid. The 2nd thing to watch out for is how often Anavar is faked, so it is important to use a trustworthy brand like Geneza.

there are 2 types of Anavar options with Anavar from Geneza Pharma
1. GP Oxan 10mg/tablet 50 tablets per sachet
2. GP injectable Oxandrolone/Anavar 25mgs/ml

At the end of the day, Anavar has low side effects and it works very well with any anabolic steroid, especially Trenbolone.

Combining Trenbolone + Anavar


When you combine both these amazing steroids you get some cool things happening in your body. Steve says they both have very unique pumps. so when you stack them together the pumps are something that you will never be able to feel again on another steroid, especially on drop sets and high rep workouts.

Steve says both compounds stack well because you get a 'yin and yang' effect. One is extremely androgenic and one is a mild anabolic. By using them together you get excellent synergy without having interference from other steroids.

The bottom line is you get the best of both worlds by using them stacked.

The guys recommend a Trenbolone dosage of 200-450mgs per week as part of this stack depending on your goals and experience. Steve recommends capping your Trenbolone cycle at 10 weeks only, anything more he warns there may be some serious health consequences.

With Anavar, 50mgs seems to be the average dosage. Some guys go as long as 30mgs and some go higher. Steve recommends never running Anavar for more than 7 weeks due to the liver toxicity.

Trenbolone + Anavar for strength


One of Mobster's tricks, if you are a strength competitor, is trying out these compounds in the offseason to see how you react to them before bringing them to battle. He suggests trying the Trenbolone for 4 weeks using the shorter acetate ester to see how you react and then you will know.

Another trick is don't go 'balls out' year round when it comes to strength training because you run the risk of injury and wearing out your body. Instead, Mobster suggests doing an 8-week program using these steroids to your advantage, where you are doing alternating moderate to high volume vs. power low rep max and less volume on each muscle group twice a week total.

You should also track where you are at week 1 and compare it to where you end up in week 8. You should notice a huge improvement during this time using this cycle. If you do not, then it is time to switch up your training and use a lot of trial and error.


Trenbolone + Anavar for recomping


Steve says that recomping is the art of gaining muscle and losing body fat at the same time. At the end of the day genetics and using these steroids in a smart way play a huge role.

Some bodybuildings manage to eat a lot of junk food, yet are still successful at recomp. Steve says that if those people had eaten correctly their results, and how they felt, would have been much better.
You want to put quality foods in your body!

Trenbolone raises insulin resistance the more you use it and the longer you use it, so Steve recommends spreading out your carbohydrates during the day so you can keep yourself balanced both physically and mentally. So Steve recommends good carbs before your workouts and with your last meal of the day. Brown rice, fruit, and sweet potatoes are his best choices for getting in carbs.

Steve says you should be cooking your food at home so you know what you are eating. Restaurants and fast food are never healthy, nor are processed foods and refined oils/sugars.

The other key is cardio which is difficult while on Trenbolone since it is so inflammatory in the body and makes you feel hot, causes breathing problems and sometimes causes low energy. Although cardio will be hard on this cycle, you still need to do it, so Steve recommends going on cycle in good conditioning first. Once you are on a cycle keep your cardio short but intense, so you get that calorie burn that you want without dehydrating yourself, or making yourself feel dizzy.


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